Michael Romeo – Fear of the Unkown

One of the things we like to do here at BPM is tell you about music we love. We are metalheads so we try to listen to as much of what’s coming out as possible. One of the albums I personally think deserves more attention from the past year is a solo record by Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo called “War of the Worlds Pt. 1”.

Michael Romeo’s “War of the Worlds Pt. 1” is not typically the type of album I would get into. I actually heard about it from a “best of” list by the lead vocalist from The Black Dahlia Murder. He mentioned that it was a melodic power metal record that was just heavy as fuck… so I had to give it a listen and I was not disappointed. Right now my favorite track is this one “Fear of the Unknown” but I highly recommend buying the album here: http://smarturl.it/MRomeo-Digi or listening on YouTube / Spotify. You won’t be sorry!

Take a listen: