Mayhem : March 14, 2022 @ Amplified Live in Dallas, TX

Black Metal at its finest is making its way across North America. Leading the way is Mayhem, Norway’s black metal legends on their Sanguine Sodomy of North America tour. In tow as support is Cleveland’s black rock and roll metal thrash band Midnight.

Watain was originally on the tour as a co-headliner with Mayhem but visa issues forced the band off.

Contracted times originally had Mayhem with a 70-minute set but now the band presents a 90-minute set. As for Midnight, their set extends from 30-minutes to a 45-minute set.

The sixth night, the magical number saw the tour rolling into Dallas at Amplified Live. The venue is the location of the old Gas Monkey Bar and Grill but just under new ownership.

What appeared to be a promising night earlier in the day turned into a weather cautious evening. 

The dark clouds that loomed over Amplified Live’s outdoor stage created a low ceiling. The storm system made its way slowly in a northeast direction. There were sporadic downpours and drizzles drenching the who turned out.

By the time Midnight hit the stage, there was a steady but heavy drizzle coming down. The trio fronted by bassist Athenar blasted out their obnoxious fast pace set. Obnoxious being a good thing, not bad. 

The band recently released their fifth full-length album titled Let There Be Witchery through Metal Blade Records.

Midnight kept their identities anonymous with a black mesh like, full face covering. The constant pelting of rain didn’t deter the band as Athenar and the guitarist utilized the stage room. It’s safe to say, the drummer slamming away on the kit possessed the prime and drier stage real estate. 

Once Midnight hit the start button with “Black Rock and Roll”, their effort was 100% for the duration of their set. Not once did the band ever pull back the throttle..

Mayhem took to the stage while darkness was settling in and rain was nonexistent.

Mayhem delivered a unique set as it was divided into three acts representing varying eras of the band’s history.

Shrouded in a pope-like cloak with a unique mask, vocalist Attila Csihar weaved about the stage uniting the drenched together during Act I commenced.

Mayhem opened with “Falsified and Hated” from Daemon, the band’s latest studio release. The Act came to a close with “Voces Ab Alta,” from the Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando EP.

Mayhem prepped for Act II as eerie music was piped through the PA.

Csihar now sporting a blackish pope style robe with the monk hooded guitarists on each side.

It was at this point Mayhem went back several decades and played “Frozen Moon” from 1994’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. The band continued with older material with tracks such as “Pegan Fears.”

Act III was introduced by the instrumental “Silvester Anfang” from 1987’s Deathcrush EP. It saw other older material including the EP title track, “Deathcrush,”  “Chainsaw Gutsf*ck,” “Carnage” and brief version of “Pure F*cking Armageddon.”

Mayhem guitarist Ghul during the band’s set at Amplified Live in Dallas. Photo by Brian McLean.

Mayhem delivers an incredible, career spanning production. It’s a mind boggling and visual spectacle. Their set will satisfy even the most traditional black metal fan. What the Norwegian legends delivered at Amplified Live was True Mayhem.