Magic Sword’s The Keeper of the Magic Sword Speaks

In today’s music world, standing apart and bringing something unique to the table can be a task in itself. There are acts that create an identifying sound, lesser-known acts have a challenging task to complete.

Joyful Noise Recording artist Magic Sword have conquered that difficult task. The members of Magic Sword are the main characters in an ongoing tale of a battle between Light and Darkness. It’s up to the trio to continue the balance between the two entities as Darkness attempts to encroach upon Light. To better understand the battle is to start from page one of the first Magic Sword graphic novel.

The Midwest-based trio has managed to and continues to create a unique sound. A sound the band can refer to as their own. Magic Sword’s music is wordless. Now there’s a soft-spoken or whispered narrative tucked in here or there. Emerging from the capital city of Idaho, the identities of the Boise based band are relative. The band adorns black hooded robes with faces covered. The only identifying trait is a single illuminating line stretching from side to side at eye level. Each color, Red, Blue or Yellow identifies a specific member and assigned duty. Red represents The Keeper of the Magic Sword. The duties that fall under The Keeper come in the form of strange synthesized sounds. That’s keyboards in a more simple mortal terminology. Blue represents The Seer of All Truths. Responsibilities include the sound from the guitar. As for Yellow, this Immortal is The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls. Responsibilities are creating the foundational heartbeat of Magic Sword on the drums

L – R: The Weaver of Hearts and Souls (yellow), The Keeper of the Magic Sword (red) and The Seer of All Truths (blue)
Photo courtesy of Speakeasy PR

There are only three Immortals but five entities in the Magic Sword tale. The other two represent good and evil. The Harbinger is the informational gatekeeper of the Immortals and the representation of good. If one seeks out additional information on the Immortals, The Harbinger will determine the fate of your information quest. Little is known of Darkness, The Lord of the Shadow except for Death and Decay. Recently, The Keeper took time from an unknown locale to respond to several inquiries:

Brutal Planet Magazine: Who is the brainchild behind Magic Sword? 
Red, The Keeper of the Magic Sword:
The source is unknown. We are merely the conduit.

BPM: Where or how was the concept for Magic Sword born? 
Red: In the shadow of the northern mountains and through many days of meditation.

BPM: Why are The Keeper of the Magic Sword (red), The Seer of All Truths (blue) and The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls the chosen ones? 
Red: We are not the chosen! We are the Cursed! Forever bound to the sword until we find the chosen one. The one destined to wield the Magic Sword and imprison the Dark One for all time. 

BPM: Is there a history of the three Immortals prior to Magic Sword? For example, the three were childhood friends that shared a common goal.
Red: We met through a common goal………A goal to save this world. To save all worlds.

BPM: Have others attempted to infiltrate Magic Sword and those had to be kept at bay?
Red: This would be impossible

BPM: For an individual that’s attending their first live experience of Magic Sword, what can they bring to enhance their experience? 
Red: Their body, soul, and mind! All else shall be provided for them

BPM: What can they expect? Should they be familiar with the graphic novels ahead of time to make the best of their experience?
Red: Familiar with the tale or not……… is an experience for all.

BPM: And speaking of the graphic novels, would the written words serve as the unwritten and unspoken lyrics for Magic Sword’s music?Red: The book is merely a chronicle of the cycle we are cursed to experience over and over until the chosen is found.

BPM: Has an official decision regarding Magic Sword’s upcoming tour been made? Will the tour proceed or will the tour be put in hiatus?
Red: A delay in our tour in this realm is inevitable.  We shall return again very soon.

BPM: What’s the oddest, strangest or most rewarding show Magic Sword has performed? What are the locale details? Where, When and Why?
Red: Treefort Fest 2016. Twas an undertaking of epic proportions but as with all things ….It played out exactly as it was meant to.
Here is an example:

BPM: Are Boise residents aware of the battle that’s being fought by the three immortals? If so, do these residents seek out the Immortals’ “Bat Cave”?
Red: Few know how to reach the shores of oblivion. It is beyond the ability of the mortal to survive in our realm.

BPM: With the current global events, is this another enemy that the three immortals are ready to face and write about?
Red: There are many agents of the shadow but they all spawn from the same source, the same Lord, the same Master. That is who we stand against.

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