Mac Sabbath : November 12, 2022 @ Trees in Dallas, TX

Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne. Photo by Brian McLean

Mercyful Fate said years ago “Come to the Sabbath” but failed to mention the routing hit the drive-thru. The drive-thru in question would be Mac Sabbath and their unique presentation of drive-thru metal.

The LA based band is currently on their Pop-Up-Drive-Thru-Tour that sees the band hitting major cities across the country. The tour title references Mac Sabbath’s release of a skillfully crafted Mac Sabbath pop book of adventures. 

Mac Sabbath brought their stage antics and craziness to Trees in Dallas on Saturday night. The band’s arrival was the 34th show of the lengthy tour and the second of four Texas dates. 

Mac Sabbath during the Lizard at Trees in Dallas Saturday night. (L-R) Slayer Mac Cheeze (guitar), The Lizard (character), Ronald Osbourne (vocals), Peter Criss Cut Fries (drums) and Grimace (bass). Photo by Brian McLean

Speedealer or as Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne says, “Oreo Speedealer” has been main support for the entire tour.

For the Dallas stop, local garage rockers Van Damme jump started the evening turning out a surprising set of originals. The band was able to maintain the interest of the ever growing crowd throughout their short set. It’s a feat usually met with skepticism but not for Van Damme.

Van Damme kicking things off. Photo by Brian McLean

It’s been a while since there’s been a sighting of Speedealer on stage in Dallas. Their inclusion on the tour was a welcoming to the hometown crowd at Trees. The band spit out a quick tempoed and adrenalized set. 

Unfortunately, early on, the drum kit experienced what appeared to be bass pedal hardware issues. Touring personnel came to the rescue and after a brief delay, the issue was resolved. The audience’s attention never wavered during the down time and Speedealer put their super hyper based set back in motion.

Speedealer priming the crowd as main support for Mac Sabbath. Photo by Brian McLean

The last time Mac Sabbath visited Dallas was pre-pandemic in August 2019. That show was at Trees as well. After several reschedules, Mac Sabbath finally made it back to Dallas but three years too long. It was evident the Dallas crowd was glad Mac Sabbath was back for a stop.

The Mac Sabbath crowd was larger than their previous visit in 2019. There was more personality evident throughout the audience. There were fans in character makeup, jester hats, children, Mac Sabbath colors and purple Grimalice beanies. Even cosplay Wendy’s made an appearance much to the liking of frontman Ronald Osbourne. 

As anticipated, Mac Sabbath churned out their unique menu of songs. They delivered “Organic Funeral,” “Sweet Beef,”  “Grill My Pet,” “GMO Blind”, “Frying Pan” “Super Size” and “Chicken for the Slaves.”

Besides Sabbath, the band paid homage to Motorheard, KISS and Roy Orbinson while tossing in a Dead Kennedys bit, “Halloween.”

Ronald Osbourne paying homage to Roy Orbison with In Dreams. Photo by Brian McLean

Unfortunately, the loveable Fry Guys were absent but the faithful Employee of the Month and The Lizard were present. Even the piano playing Mac Tonight Moonman made an appearance during “Bread” which preceded “Love Buns.” It was Peter Criss Cut Fries that sang “Bread” while Osbourne milled about the stage.

Throughout the full blown, full meal deal that Mac Sabbath delivered, Osbourne often engaged the audience with his stage wit. He mentioned prior tours with fellow drive-thru metal bands and even mentioned the hometown Pantera Bread. 

Prior to “Pair-aBuns,” Mac Sabbath’s last song, Osbourne requested all the crazies to move up towards the stage. He wanted to bring the fun of the stage to the audience by crowd tubing on a hamburger pool float. During his ride, gravity nearly won but the Dallas faithful denied the force a victory in the end.

Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne crowding tubing in Dallas. Photo by Brian McLean
Gravity trying to score a victory against Mac Sabbath frontman Ronald Osbourne as the Mac Sabbath Employee of the Month reacts to the situation. Photo by Brian McLean

Mac Sabbath didn’t deliver a kid’s menu item, they delivered a super-sized performance that doubled all the tasty ingredients. As a promise earlier in the night by Osbourne, the Mac Sabbath feast was kept family friendly. 

The three year fast that Mac Sabbath fans endured is finally over. There is no more Mac Sabbath hunger for the moment but there will be a craving, just wait.

Ronald Osbourne sharing his on stage wit with the Trees crowd in Dallas. Photo by Brian McLean