Mac Sabbath – August 9, 2019 @ Trees in Dallas, Texas

Mac Sabbath, a Black Sabbath parody group made a recent visit to Dallas for a stop on the 2019 American Cheese Tour bringing a full meal deal of fun with them.

The last time Mac Sabbath played the DFW area was in March 2018, playing the roomier Gas Monkey Live. This time, the tour stopped at Trees, a smaller venue marking Mac Sabbath’s second visit but fourth DFW appearance.

The billing featured Phoenix’s Okilly Dokilly, a Ned Flanders inspired metal core band and fellow statesmen Playboy Manbaby.

Tempe’s Playboy Manbaby

The Tempe based Playboy Manbaby delivered a mind boggling set which included crowd participation referencing a new Cadillac, haircut, FU’s to employers and a crowd surfing inflatable named Steve.

Unfortunately to the disappointment of the band, Steve reached the stage to continue his crowd surfacing antics for another night.

Playboy Manbaby possess the energy for an all-out hyperactive set but dealt with limited mobility on the stage. Vocalist, Robbie Pfeffer did take to the floor for additional crowd participation where he conducted a battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Those in the vicinity of Pfeffer were more than happy to encroach on his personal space as requested.

Okilly Dokilly

Clad in hunter green sweaters, visible pink collars and khaki slacks, Okilly Dokilly blasted through “Nedal” music. An industrial oven wired for fog and colored lights served as a riser, allowing vocalist Head Ned to energize the crowd from an elevated position.

Ned has the identical vocal reproduction of the Ned Flanders dialect complete with ‘illyisms”. Ned narrated stories for “I Can’t, It’s a Geo”, “Godspeed Little Doodle” ,”Donut Hell” and “White Wine Spritzer.”

As with openers Playboy Manbaby, Okilly Dokilly utilized the crowd with an inflatable. Instead of Steve, Ned launched a large, inflatable donut that would leave Homer Simpson drooling. Those on the floor stretched and reached to keep the inflatable toy afloat.

Okilly Dokilly’s inflatable donut being launched into the crowd by vocalist Head Ned.
Photo by: Brian McLean

According to Ned, the band has a healthy supply of inflatables and requested the donut eventually be destroyed. Fans destruction commenced in the form of tug of wars and the shredding of plastic.

Ned also utilized a homemade shirt grenade launcher to treat several lucky fans to black Okilly Dokilly shirts.

As with their stage predecessors, Okilly Dokilly experienced restricted mobility as well due to five band members instead of four.

Welcome to the Sabbath

As patrons rehydrated before Mac Sabbath taking the stage, the sounds Judas Priest, Sammy Hagar, AC/DC and Motorhead could be heard.

Following a recorded story of front man Ronald Osbourne, Mac Sabbath, launched into “Organic Funeral.” The band saturated in a sea of orange and red lights, red lasers and fog took to a stage not fit for a production of Mac Sabbath’s caliber.

Osbourne meandered and stumbled about the stage and microphone bound by a strait jacket. Eventually, Mac Sabbath’s Employee of the Month came to Osbourne’s recuse, freeing him from of the confines of the straight jacket. Once free, Osbourne positioned himself at his milkshake cup assembled microphone stand where he became more animated and spirited.

Mac Sabbath’s Ronald Osbourne after being freed from the strait jacket.
Photo by: Brian McLean

Mac Sabbath’s set would not be a carbon copy repeat of previous shows. Set staples like “Sweet Beef”, “GMO Blind”, “Chicken for the Slaves”, “Frying Pan” , “Pair a Buns” and Sabbath melodies were included. The melody featured a portion of “Into the Void” where Fry Guy aimlessly moved around the stage.. What seemed to be missing though was “More Ribs” and “N.I.B.B.L.E.” which would feature Grimalice with the opening bassline.

Mac Sabbath added two new songs, “The Lizard” featuring an alien mutant with bulging green eyes mimicking the harmonica parts. Stepping outside the Sabbath circle, the band included Motorhead’s “Killed by Death titled “Grilled my Pet.”

Mac Sabbath Menu Items

Osbourne had plenty of tricks, pranks and stage props which added to the highly engaging show. Spatulas used for rhythm, rubber chickens, and a massive expandable straw that appeared from Osbourne’s, one-piece fringed laced costume. Include a rubber bat, hamburger patties, chicken nuggets and water filled condiment squeeze bottles used to squirt the crowd. Not stopping there, Osbourne sprung fake ketchup and mustard props exploding from other condiment bottles and a flammable frying pan.

Osbourne would utilize his smoking grill with colored lights and food props cooking up imagery for the crowd through the night.

Due to the nature of the Mac Sabbath members, only Osbourne interacts verbally with the crowd. His discussions touch on Burger King Diamond, Great White Castle, Chick Filet-C / DC, Dokken Donuts, Cinna-Bon Jovi and others.

Gravity of Sabbath

Late in the set, an excited fan attempted a full blown stage dive. To his surprise, just the concrete floor stopped the force of gravity. There was no safety net of crowd members willing to step up and catch him. Once assisted to his feet, the dazed fan stumbled off and disappeared under the elevated crow’s nest seating area.

It’s a giving Osbourne crowd surfs during “Pair-a-buns”, the single in the Mac Sabbath coloring book. Before doing so, Osbourne confirmed the crowd would support him unlike the uninvited patron earlier.

Guitarist Slayer Mac Cheeze and Osbourne were the only members with room to move about the stage. Unfortunately, Grimalice was anchored on stage left. Those who were elevated towards the right experienced only brief glimpses of Catburglar until the final bow.

Mac Sabbath taking a bow after their recent performance at Trees in Dallas.
Photo by: Brian McLean

As expected, Mas Sabbath delivered as set worthy of a five star restaurant. There was never a dull moment even as the curtain closed while “Rock and Roll McDonalds” played.

A Mac Sabbath performance is an unique experience. It’s must see for any music fan, especially those who enjoy plenty of visuals and production.

Mac Sabbath is more than a just kid’s meal, it’s a super-sized, full meal deal of fun. It’s easy to say, everyone leaves happy. Unfortunately, toys are not part of the Mac Sabbath experience. Fans can though purchased merch of the kings of fast food drive thru metal from Employee of the Month. He can be located at the merchandise booth counter ready to take orders.

Mac Sabbath’s Employee of the Month
Photo by: Brian McLean