Loudstakk releases Guilherme Miranda Signature Metal Guitar Tones 

The ultimate metal songwriters digital product powerhouse Loudstakk has ignited the flames of extreme metal innovation once again with the release of their anticipated Guilherme Miranda Signature Metal Guitar Tones! 

This Neural Amp Modeler Profile Pack & Impulse Response Collection captures the essence of Guilherme Miranda’s iconic sound from his thunderous days with Entombed A.D to his current prominence in the international death & thrash metal trio DIETH. 

Offering an authentic and accessible sonic experience without the need for expensive gear or constant adjustments; users of Guilherme Miranda’s Signature Metal Guitar Tones can seamlessly unleash their artistic visions through immersive discovery and the recreation of their favorite sounds and styles. 

“Haldor and Guilherme have truly mastered the art of capturing these coveted tones with remarkable precision and finesse. For anyone who has been hesitant about the digital recreation of the classic buzzsaw tone, I highly recommend giving these a try. It’s not merely an emulation; it’s the authentic essence of that tone brought to life.” states Ron D. Rock, founder of Loudstakk

Officially released March 8, 2024, the Guilherme Miranda Signature Metal Guitar Tones pack is available for purchase now at: https://www.loudstakk.com/products/guilherme-miranda-tones
Intro Price: $29. Reg price $35.

Selected Discography:

  • 19 NAM Profiles
  • 24 Mix-Ready Impulse Response Files
  • ~6,6 Mb Download Size
  • NAM Profiles work with the Neural Amp Modeler
  • Impulse Response files available in 24bit/48KHz format

*Please note: You will need to download Neural Amp Modeler, to use the NAM Profiles

Detailing the ideal users of this tone pack and the inspiration behind its creation, Guilherme Miranda offers the following statement: “This tone pack caters to a wide range of guitarists, from beginners to advanced players, as well as studio engineers and producers. For beginner guitarists, it offers an opportunity to discover new sounds and styles as they develop their playing skills. Advanced players will appreciate the ability to recreate the sounds of their favorite artists or explore different genres. This tone pack provides a wealth of inspiration and creative possibilities.

Especially with the Swedish Death Metal HM-2 style sounds that we’ve developed in collaboration with Satanic Audio and their expertise in crafting signature tones, we’ve achieved something unique and special: the ability to recreate guitar sounds from specific albums or eras with just one click. It’s essentially Death and Thrash Metal in a box, not to mention some of the clean tones and impulses that are ideal for lead bluesy sounds, which have been a part of my wheelhouse for a long while. Engineers can benefit from the ability to quickly dial in desired guitar tones, allowing them to focus on capturing the best performances without spending excessive time on tone tweaking. Live performers will find assurance in solid and consistent tones from show to show. Songwriters and composers can utilize the tone pack to find the perfect soundscapes to complement their songs and bring their musical vision to life.”