LORDS OF THE TRIDENT Release New Album ‘The Offering’ – LISTEN HERE

Wisconsin-based heavy metal band LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have released their new studio album, ‘The Offering’, today (April 1) on all major digital/streaming platforms! Featuring the singles “Charlatan”, “Acolyte”, and “Carry The Weight”, the new full-length is the band’s sixth LP, and this time around, Lords of the Trident put an emphasis on connecting with their loyal fanbase like never before. In light of the recent lull in live shows and touring, the band created a Patreon where they would be able to share exclusive and finely crafted content with their most eager followers. By the time ‘The Offering’ was announced for a worldwide release, Patreon members had already been granted access to hear the new album in all of its glory!
Talking about giving ‘The Offering’ to Patreon members months ahead of the formal release and building their community, vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein comments:
“Releasing The Offering early to our Patreon members was a risk, as no one has done a “drop release” quite like this before, but it paid off enormously! The most diehard Lords fans got to own the album MONTHS in advance of the release, and we added nearly one hundred additional warriors to our metal army! I’d like to thank all the stalwart warriors who supported us during this process (and continue to support us to this day). We’ve been able to make amazing connections with so many fans via Patreon and Discord…I think the pandemic and the time leading up to the release would’ve been a much more lonely time without the ability to communicate with these incredible people. But now: the time has come to finally unleash The Offering to the world. Make sure you’re wearing at least a full suit of armor before you hit play, as this one is a heavy hitter!”
Lords of the Trident - The Offering [FULL ALBUM]
LORDS OF THE TRIDENT – ‘The Offering’ (Full Album Video)
To celebrate the formal release of ‘The Offering’, Lords of the Trident is playing a special release party at The Annex at The Red Zone in Madison, WI TOMORROW (April 2) – featuring special guest performer Grant Truesdell of Unleash The Archers!
“We’re beyond excited to announce that Grant Truesdell from Unleash the Archers is making the trek from Canada to join us for this year’s fest! We’ll be playing the whole album with Grant for the first time ever, so if you can make the journey to see it, you should absolutely plan on attending this historic event!”
Fans can expect to hear plenty of announcements about the band’s touring plans for 2022 in the weeks to come!
‘The Offering Tracklist:
  1. Legend
  2. Acolyte
  3. Charlatan
  4. Feed the Wolves
  5. Carry the Weight
  6. Offering to the Void
  7. Champion
  8. The Invitation
  9. Dance of Control
  10. These Tower Walls
  11. Power of Evil
  12. The Blade
  13. Heart of Ashes
Since 2008, the immortal warriors of Lords of the Trident have been pillaging cities and melting faces with their brand of adventurous and epic heavy metal. Sharing the stage (and the tour circuit) with bands such as Unleash the Archers, 3 Inches of Blood, and Seven Kingdoms, their high-energy, pyrotechnic-laden live performances are a sight to behold. Producing more video content, live streams, and music than a band twice their age, the Wisconsin-based quintet are releasing their fifth full-length album (and tenth overall release) The Offering this year. If you like battle, bloodshed, axes, fire, and losing limbs, then mosh your way to the front row and receive your free ticket to Valhalla. If you don’t like these things – too bad. They’re playing anyway, and they’ll make sure to steal your girlfriend in the process.
Carry The Weight [Official Video]🔱Lords of the Trident
Watch the video for “Carry The Weight” here!
These Tower Walls [OFFICIAL VIDEO]🔱Lords of the Trident
Watch the video for “These Tower Walls” here!
Acolyte [OFFICIAL VIDEO]🔱Lords of the Trident
Watch the video for “Acolyte” here!
Charlatan [OFFICIAL VIDEO]🔱Lords of the Trident
Watch the video for “Charlatan” here!
Power of Evil (feat. Grant Truesdell of Unleash the Archers)🔱[OFFICIAL VIDEO]🔱Lords of the Trident
Watch the video for “Power of Evil” here!
Fang VonWrathenstein – vocals
Asian Metal – guitar
Baron Taurean Helleshaar – guitar
Pontifex Mortis – bass
Master Hercule “Herc” Schlagzeuger – drums

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  1. Its their 5th album pull the plug and power outrage are compilations I got told this by the band

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