LONG DISTANCE CALLING Release New Single “Eraser”

Following the first singles “Kamilah” and “Giants Leaving”, LONG DISTANCE CALLING  release their third single and title track “Eraser” on July 15th from their upcoming  album which will be released on August 26th. 

LONG DISTANCE CALLING’s eighth album “Eraser” is an immediate and heartfelt  tribute to the gradual erosion of nature by man. The band has dedicated the album to  the world’s endangered species, with musical elements in each song referring to a  creature in danger of extinction. 

Watch the official video for “Eraser” at here:  

Thus, the single Eraser represents the human species, which is both the main causer  and victim of climate change. In a more than 9-minute long masterpiece in two acts,  the album seems to end in sonorous, slow-motion devastation. But with atmospheric, even epic, strings, LONG DISTANCE CALLING conclude with a spark of hope, even if it is  almost too late. 

The official music video was realized in cooperation with Greenpeace, who provided  parts of the footage to be seen, and is a perfect visual realization of man’s role as both  an oppressor of nature and a victim of his own actions.  

Listen to „Eraser“ here: https://ldc.lnk.to/EraserSingle 

With the album “Eraser”, LONG DISTANCE CALLING have created a wildly evocative  and diverse collection of songs. Crackling with live energy, but as nuanced and  atmospheric as anything in their catalog, the album is another bold step for this highly  idiosyncratic band. 

Preorder “ERASER” here: https://ldc.lnk.to/EraserAlbum 

Sweeping, progressive and endlessly inventive, this album is unmistakably another high  point in the career of these passionate, musical individualists. When a worldwide  pandemic threatened to throw LONG DISTANCE CALLING off track, they put their  energy into new music, writing their best album yet.