Liquid Sound Company : Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul

Vinyl cover art for Psychoactive Songs for the Soul

The latest effort from the Liquid Sound Company titled Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul has finally been released on vinyl. 

The band name may not be familiar but heading up the project is one John Perez of Solitude Aeturnus fame. Perez has moved on from his doom metal days and is creating something that’s been near and dear to him.

The guitarist has always been fond of psychedelic, space and acid rock. With the Liquid Sound Company, he’s now bringing that fondness to fruition for others to hear and experience. 

Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul was originally released in February 2021 on CD through Liquid Sound Records. It’s the band’s fourth physical release dating back to 2000 with the debut, Exploring the Psychedelic.

As for material on the band’s Bandcamp page, there’s nine downloadable releases listed and available.

The Texas based band anticipated a quick turn around for the vinyl release but that wasn’t the case. A handful of issues for pressing vinyl dating back to 2020 and other delays pushed the release back. 

Now with all the hurdles completed Vistari Records has presented a superb vinyl release of Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul. The album follows Acid Music for Acid People which was put out in 2011.

For the vinyl, a limited run of fabricated and fictional blotting paper with perforated squares was included. Those sold out immediately to the vinyl heads and freaks. 

As for the CD, there was a premium offer for a limited number of discs. The cool freebie was a 3 x 3 sticker of the CD artwork which was included with each purchase.

The artwork between the disc and album vary a bit but it’s due more to colors. The vinyl cover is bluish whereas the CD is more orangeish.

There’s no bonus material on the album and the tracking for all eight songs remains the same. Three are instrumental tracks with the other five having vocals.

What’s immediately noticeable is the sound of the 180 gram vinyl when compared to the CD release. The vinyl has a much thicker sound. It’s evident as soon as the needle drops on Side A.

Of the three instrumental tracks, “Cosmic Liquid Love” is pure psychedelic acid bliss and music melting experience lasting 5:37. This is where the noticeable sound difference between the CD and vinyl occurs. The difference is immediate and for the better.

The other two, “And to Your Left… Neptune” and “Lailia was Here” stand alone as well. 

The Neptune track possesses a bit of a brisk tempo that retains those psychedelic elements. Several minutes in though, the pace changes giving the song a more space rock feel. The mind veers off, setting sights on the blue gas giant nearly 30 astronomical units away, far from the astroid belt.

The third and final instrumental, “Laila Was Here” brings the vinyl trip to a close. The song is really a nod to the German krautrock band Agitation Free and their song “Laila.” Karutrock is a cosmic and experimental style of rock from Germany.

Liquid Sound Company’s version isn’t a direct copy of the song. It’s more of a groove and jam session that occurred when tape was rolling. Tucked within the 4:59 of instrumentation is the slight and brief homage to Agitation Free’ s “Laila.” It’s a great way to bring Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul to a close. 

“Black Light Corridor,” Side A’s second offering is the first to feature vocals on the album. Reading the lyrics, one gathers quickly it’s about an acid trip with fingers floating and paintings crawling up the stairs courtesy of the tasty Window Pane.

Following with, “I’m Getting Older isn’t as trippy, it’s more of a reality check with time slipping by faster and faster. The song does have some cool psychedelic elements but as the lyrics flow, it’s obvious time won’t slow. That’s what puts the thought process on a journey of reflection and the meaning of the words.

Side B offers the three remaining vocal tracks, “Mahayuga,” “I Feel You” and “Who Put all of those Things in Your Hair.”

Not all the songs on Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul have a full blown acid rock trip feel though.

 “Mahayuga,” the opening song 0n Side B is one of those tunes. It definitely has touches of a Hindu feel to it as the song should. The title refers to the Yuga Cycle in Hinduism which is the period of 4.32 million years or 12,000 Devine years.

Another example would be “Who Put All Those Things in Your Hair.” It’s more of a trippy, skipping through the meadow vibe than placing a square of blotter paper on the tongue. It does have its hints of those crazy mind bending pieces though. 

The longest track, “I Feel You” clocks in at 6:42. It’s just a straightforward psychedelic track.

The album does touch upon west coast psychedelic, acid and space rock as well Hindu elements. These things give Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul an identity of a cool rock record. 

Perez makes music with pure passion and it shows. Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul is the type of record that should be in the collection. It’s not an every day spin unless there’s every day immersion of mind altering substances. Even if that’s not the case, it’s a great album to have and just relax. Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul  works great with the earbuds or headphones. What matters is feeling the music and with Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul, that’s easily attainable.