Legendary HammerFall Bassist Magnus Rosén Announces New Spring Albums!

Full Length ‘It’s Time to Rock the World Again’

Out April 21st – Pre-Order HERE

Mini Instrumental, ‘Outside the Rock Box’

Coming May 26th – Pre-Order HERE

Former HammerFall bassist, Magnus Rosén, has revealed more details about the upcoming Magnus Rosén Band album, due April 21 on X-World / Sound Pollution.


Says Magnus: “I will thank HammerFall and all the fans for my 10 years with the band – 1997-2007. I take my hat off for this time. So how can we celebrate this moment better than with a HammerFall song on this album.”


Entitled, ‘It’s Time To Rock The World Again’, the new album will include 12 songs, plus 5 bonus tracks. Magnus describes the album as, “A firework of diversity from my journey through music life from the 60’s until today.”

Magnus Rosén adds: “Everything is marked in the perspective of hard rock and these wonderful rock titles that gild this musical style. There are many tones that are hidden in the structures of the songs that can be recognized more or less from the history of rock. We are also celebrating bands and artists for the great inspiration thought the music life with some riff, tones, feelings, songs or solos in new written material and also few old songs – Gary Moore, Scorpions, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC/DC, ABBA, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix – plus much more. New written songs and fresh interpretations of few old rock songs.”

Musicians featured on the album include:

Fabio Buitvidas – Drums

Raphael Mattos – Guitar

Mikael Erlandsson – Keyboard and vocals

Janne Schaffer – Guitar

Tony Martin – Vocals

Zenny Gram – Vocals

George Keczan – Piano and keyboard

Chitral Somapala – Vocals

Jonas Hansson – Guitar

Stefan Blomquist – Keyboard, piano

Elsa Li Jones – Vocals

Eric Galdyanz – Vocals

Ivan Martin’s – Vocals

Jörgen Alnevall – Vocals

Magnus Rosén – Bass

Pre-Order ‘It’s Time to Rock the World Again’ HERE
Rosén comments,“The music picks up where the words end and here begins the rock that has influenced me throughout my musical life with recognition factors from musicians and bands I admired during my musical journey that have been inserted a little here and there in the newly written songs. There are also some nice interpretations of songs that mean a lot to us in the band. You could call the albums time machines!”
To follow up the full length, the band is releasing ‘Outside the Rockbox’ , an instrumental mini album of 6 songs celebrating some very famous artists by making a musical braid where fusion, rock, folk music and pop meet to make musical fireworks.

It all started after a Brazilian tour with Fabio Buitvidas (drums and producer), Raphael Mattos (guitar player) and Magnus Rosén (bass player). M.R.B is a rock band that can also adventure in the instrumental music world

The album features 2 fantastic guest musicians: rock guitarist Jonas Hansson from Silver Mountain and the famous concert piano player, George Keczan.

‘Outside the Rock Box’ is a personal imprint with many beautiful shifts between musical styles.

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