Laurenne / Louhimo: The Reckoning

What do you get when you combine two of the best female voices in rock and metal?  You get one kickass album from two of my favorite ladies, Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) and Netta Laurenne (Smackbound). The album is simply titled Laurenne / Louhimo – The Reckoning. If you are wondering how good this album really is, I can tell you that it has already reserved a spot in my top ten for 2021. It is all I have been listening to for the last three weeks.  If that is not enough, let’s talk more about The Reckoning.     

The first single released by this duo is called “Bitch Fire.”  The song grabs you from the opening drums. It quickly crescendos with blazing guitar and has a sound similar to “Painkiller” by the mighty Judas Priest. This was the perfect introduction to this album. “Bitch Fire” is up front and in your face like a dragon breathing fire and melting your face. Although the song lands in the middle of the album it is definitely one of the strongest tracks.

The title track “The Reckoning” is another song that is heavy as hell. It starts with an acoustic guitar opening and instantly changes gears into a melodic thumping classic.  As the song comes out of the guitar solo, feel the chills as the ladies take things up a couple notches. I could listen to part of the song over and over. Lyrically, the song deals with conquering our demons before they conquer us:

“Oh, the reaper’s calling
Forever frequent, whatever the sequent
Feel the heart of the ruler letting go of your own soul”

Another one of my favorites is the song “To the Wall.”  It has a heavy guitar riff and a marching beat to it. This song sees these two ladies syncing perfectly and hearing the chorus inspires me to start screaming it along with them.

“Viper’s Kiss” has a slower tempo but man does it have some bite to it! Another amazing song that hits the top of my list is “Walk Through the Fire.”  This track has a fast beat and utilizes the double bass drum eloquently but with the power of a festival sound system. 

The one true ballad on the album is the beautiful “Hurricane Love.”  The song showcases the splendor of these two voices.  It is hard to believe that the song is surrounded by metal that will melt your face but, this song fits like a glove, and wrapped up in “Hurricane Love” is a classic power ballad guitar solo.

The whole album is full of songs you will find yourself singing along with over and over again. 

If you are looking for some badass metal from two chicks that leave nothing on the table then The Reckoning is for you. Think of it this way, if Pat Benatar and Lita Ford became the lead singers of Judas Priest you would have Laurenne / Louhimo – The Reckoning.  The album is available July 9, 2021 via Frontier Records.