KIX, December 7, 2019 @ The Rail Club Live, Fort Worth, Texas

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The midnight dynamite and hard rock and roll show of KIX flew into Texas for a one-off show at the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

The Baltimore based band is widely known for their platinum selling 1989 album Blow My Fuse which featured hit single “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” The band members may have aged physically over the last three decades but the off the chart energy level, enthusiasm and songs haven’t aged a bit.

Fronted by the slim, lean and captivating Steve Whiteman, KIX launched into their 13-song electrifying set with “Kix are For Kids” setting the tone and pace for the entire night.

Whiteman’s high energy, onstage hyper activity and swagger from fellow KIX bandmates only seemed to juice the crowd as the night progressed.

Steve Whiteman’s stylish shoes for his energetic feet
Photo by: Brian McLean

The Maryland natives plowed through favorites such as “No Ring Around the Rosie,” “Get It While It’s Hot,” “Girl Money” and “Sex” to the enthusiastic, beer fueled singing crowd.

There were times the band pulled back on the show’s throttle as Whiteman led the crowd through humorous singalongs and dialogs. It was a way to catch a moment or two of relaxation.

As expected, KIX performed their massive radio hit “Don’t Close Your Eyes” late in the set as cell phones in video mode were raised throughout the venue. The song may have given the crowd a breather and hint that the evening with KIX was approaching the end.

Following the MTV hit, Whiteman explained to the crowd KIX was not an encore band and would rather keep the show moving. With those words, the band finished out their set with “Bang Bang (Balls of Fire),” “Cold Blooded” and the band’s anthem “Blow My Fuse.”

For a band that doesn’t have a heavy tour schedule, KIX delivered a solid and tight set. The current roster has been together since 2004 and consists of four of the five members from the classic lineup. The veteran personnel experience, stage presence and professionalism of the band shows. Simply, KIX brought their A game to Fort Worth with the assistance and production made available by the Rail Club Live.

Not only did the Rail bring in a classic hard rock band that delivered an off the wall show, it gave avenue for three DFW bands, Blackout, Legacy and Chastity showcase their talents.

At times, local acts encounter road blocks from those who are merely in attendance for the headliner. The night’s billing was ideal.

Main support act Chastity who recently released a six song EP titled Revival quickly won over the KIX crowd with the set opener “Satisfaction Guarantee.” The crowd endorsement continued with “Save Your Prayers,” “She,” a cover of The Sweet’s “Fox on the Run,” “White Trash Theme Park” and others.

Unfortunately, the band ended their 40-minute set ten minutes early. This though didn’t deter new recruits of the fan base from supporting the local act at the merch booth.

The smooth flowing operation of the entire KIX evening at the Rail Club Live has given notice to DFW that there’s a live music venue to contend with.