KHANDRA Streams New Album in Full Ahead of Release

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Belarusian black metal entity KHANDRA will be releasing the new full-length, ‘All Occupied by Sole Death,’ via Season of Mist Underground Activists tomorrow, May 28! The band is now streaming the record in its entirety ahead of tomorrow’s release. Listen at THIS LOCATION.

‘All Occupied by Sole Death’ is available for pre-orders at the Season of Mist shop HERE.
For more information or to request an interview with KHANDRA, please contact Katy Irizarry at Additional assets, such as hi-rez photos, can be found HERE.
KHANDRA – ‘All Occupied by Sole Death’ (Full Album Stream) 2021
The cover artwork was made by Chris Kiesling (Misantropic Art) and can be found below along with the tracklist.
1. Mute moleben (02:12)
2. Irrigating lethal acres with blood (06:29)
3. Nothing but immortality for aye (06:17)
4. In harvest against the Sun (07:03)
5. With the blessing of starless night (06:30)
6. Thanatos (08:21)
7. All occupied by sole Death (06:34)
Total: 0:43:26
“The only horrible thing in the world is ennui… That is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness.” – Oscar Wilde 

Shrouded in a veil of mystery and death, Belarusian black metal entity KHANDRA are unleashing their debut full-length upon mankind. Characterized by aggressive dissonance and a haunting atmosphere, the band’s new assault recalls the black metal sound coined by bands such as MGŁA and BLAZE OF PERDITION.  

KHANDRA’s first revelations were unveiled in October 2017 under the banner ‘All is of no avail,’ which subsequently merged with its successor ‘There’s no division outside existence’ in October 2018.
“Khandra” [xɐnˈdra] is a term that describes the feeling of crippling listlessness or melancholy that takes one over when in a state of boredom. However, the band’s overarching concept challenges this notion of ennui, attempting to exceed the limits of the imagination, utilizing music as a vessel of expression that has no emotional or logical confines. 

Genre: Black metal

Artwork: Chris Kiesling (Misantropic Art)
Recording studio: Cavum Atrum Studio

Producer / sound engineer: Dmitry Romanovsky

Mixing and mastering: Studio Forz, Dmitry Haladko

Uladzimir B: vocals
Dmitry R: guitars
Pavel V: drums
Anton S: bass

Press contact:
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US –
Press kit:
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Password: Presskitofmist



For more on KHANDRA, visit the band’s FACEBOOK and BANDCAMP.