July 29 “Fred’s 5 Notes” (News From Bourbon & Spirits Industry): Mick Fleetwood On Peter Green, Interview & Tasting With Kyla Jade From “The Voice” & More

July 29 Edition Of “Fred’s 5 Notes”

With News From the Bourbon And Spirits Industry 

From World’s Leading Bourbon Authority Fred Minnick


Remembering Peter Green Via Fred’s Conversation With Mick Fleetwood,

Interview & Tasting With Kyla Jade From “The Voice” & More



The world’s leading bourbon authority, Wall Street Journal-bestselling author and television personality Fred Minnick has released the new edition of “Fred’s 5 Notes, a bi-weekly list of highlights from his popular podcast The Fred Minnick Show, insider insights and tips from the bourbon and spirits industry, as well as whiskey and bourbon tastings and ratings.


Here are “Fred’s 5 Notes” for July 29:


  • Revisit Fred’s interview with Mick Fleetwood. Mick had plenty to say about his Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green, who died last week at age 73. (Fleetwood’s comments begin at 28:28.)



  • Fred dished with sports radio personality Steve Czaban and fantasy football guru Paul Charchian about all things football–including Paul’s new fantasy football league Guillotine Leagues (and, well, a lot of other things)–while doing a blind bourbon tasting. Along the way, Czaban disses Blanton’s, saying, “Who forgot to bring the flavor?”


  • What’s the best bourbon priced at $15 or lessFred did a blind tasting of 10 different whiskeys he picked up at that sweet price point and narrowed them down to a Top 6, including one he previously hated. Which bourbon was the winner?



Fred Minnick, a Wall Street Journal-bestselling author and television personality, is a renowned drinks writer who started The Fred Minnick Show in January to showcase his two passions: music and whiskey. The weekly show pairs musicians, athletes and actors with good drinks.


Look for country star Jordan DavisLouis The ChildDerek Trucks and more to appear on upcoming episodes of The Fred Minnick ShowLast week, Emerson Hart of Tonic proved his connoisseur status with Fred as he dissected whiskeys like a pro. Additional past guests include Daryl HallMick FleetwoodChase RiceAshley McBryde, actor Harry Shearer, tennis legend Andy RoddickSlipknot’s ClownJohnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold and Lindsay Ellamong others.


Listen to The Fred Minnick Show podcast here: https://pod.link/1490483021 and watch video of the episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyE_GJtYr3yowks2iv1o4jg.


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