Jorn: Releases New Music Video, ‘New York Minute’

Norwegian rock vocalist Jorn Lande has premiered a new music video, ‘New
York Minute’ from his latest release, “Heavy Rock Radio II – Executing The
Classics”. The song is a cover of the classic solo hit by Eagles’ member Don
“Heavy Rock Radio II – Executing The Classics” is out now on CD/LP/Digital.
Stream or purchase HERE:“After releasing “Heavy Rock Radio II” on January 24th, just before the
coronavirus pandemic hit the world, a music video for the song ‘New York
Minute’ was something I very much wanted to do. ‘New York Minute’ is one of those epic songs that is relevant regardless of the times and even though it reflects on NYC and the specific story penned by Don Henley, it’s a timeless
classic that is lyrically identifiable to people everywhere. It reflects
everything from everyday life and love, to terror, despair, and personal
crisis, and could easily include today’s pandemic situation…an imprint of
our time described with simple words that bring a visual to our minds. If
there was ever a time capsule to be buried leaving some music for future
generations to find, what better song to include, lyrically, than ‘New York
It’s been fantastic to see many fellow musicians performing from home,
giving support, and sharing personal experiences in these difficult times of
quarantine and illness. A heartwarming massive global movement to support
all the hard working health care workers who are at the front line battling
against Covid-19, the true heroes in these challenging times! Regardless of
who we are and what we do, we’re all affected by the situation in various
ways, and I feel that despite the lockdown and physical distance of staying
home, it still brings us all closer together.
Many are asking for a JORN-performance from home, and I hope releasing this
video will be a good alternative to a living room show. I have been spending
time with my good and very competent friends at Showfabrikken (The Show
Factory), happy to be able to make this video happen in the middle of this
situation, taking all necessary precautions to keep safe and healthy while
In these unusual times, this song and video represents a globally relevant
message, easily identifiable for people all over the world, and I hope it
can inspire through hard times.
Take care of each other, life is fragile! Everything can change…in a New
York Minute.” – Jorn

Jorn Lande: Vocals

Francesco Jovino: Drums

Tore Moren: Guitar

Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboard

Sid Ringsby: Bass