Jesters of Destiny Premiere “Heavy, Kickin’ A” via New Noise Magazine 



“Heavy, Kickin’ A” digital cover


Oct. 20, 2020, LOS ANGELES – Jesters of Destiny, the ‘80s era L.A. metal outfit “rooted in metal but never afraid to venture into punk, college rock, and psychedelia” (Decibel Magazine), have shared the first single from their forthcoming 2021 album (Distorting Everything), premiering “Heavy, Kickin’ A” via New Noise Magazine (

“The song continues our inimitable metal stylings (this time) to a blues riff,” explains guitar player Ray Violet. “It was slowly fleshed out and then came on like a bankruptcy with exuberant bloviating; pulling the coattails of our present American culture. We approve this message!”

Bruce Duff, the band’s co-founder and bass player, adds: “The music and title are Ray’s; I think he initially saw it as our football anthem. Given where we were when we wrote it, and where we’ve sunken since, I wanted to put this powerhouse in the hands of the most powerful: the fat bastard one percent who own everything and think they can stomp on the rest of us. Let’s show them they can’t. As Frank Zappa always said, ‘Don’t forget to vote!’”

Jesters of Destiny formed in 1984 Los Angeles, releasing their debut album, Fun at the Funeral in 1986 and a subsequent EP, In A Nostalgic Mood, in 1987. SPIN described the outfit’s music as “perfectly executed punkadelic glam-bop burnished with a healthy dose of metallic insolence.” It was that medley of metal, pop, psychedelia and punk that proved difficult for the band, what would in the future be considered acceptable, was anything but in the era of divergent music scenes in Los Angeles. The band parted ways, returning in 2017 with Jesters of Destiny’s second full-length album, The Sorrow That Refuses to DrownNew Noise Magazine said “the band is as contemporary and bustling as ever, mingling perpetual open taste, humor, proto-heavy metal and distinguished psychedelic groove.”

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