JEFFREY NOTHING: Mushroomhead Former Frontman + Co-Founder Unleashes New Song+ Video “Never Enough” — WATCH + LISTEN

Song Available Now Across All Streaming Platforms

Jeffrey Nothing, formerly the haunting voice and co-founder behind Cleveland’s pioneering alterna-metal and industrial collective Mushroomheadunleashed a brutal new song and video “Never Enough.”
The track is available now for download and across all streaming platforms here.
Watch the video for “Never Enough,” which was directed by Rob Neilson of Wired Digital, here.
“Throw some horns if you hear me / Keep up the pace and in time” 
is the opening line to the song that blazes out at you, taking only one captivating note, one razor-sharp beat, and one crunchy vocal nudge to bring you inside of the intense and twisted world of Nothing.
The song was co-produced and co-written along with fellow former Mushroomhead guitarist Thomas Church.  

Jeffrey states, “Throughout life, people or situations will try to tell you that you are a follower and you should be quite content in that role. There is no such thing as give and take. You give and they take. But for all your efforts, the things you contribute, the things you create are just OK. They can be made into something! Freedom is an incredible feeling. You dream again, believe again and feel like… you truly could fly. Rise above. Be you. ‘Fly High Above, Nothing’s Ever, Never Enough!”
Thomas Church adds, “I really enjoyed writing ‘Never Enough.’ It brought out some emotions that had been hiding in plain sight for a moment. The interlocking of melodic and moving melodies mixed with aggressive and emotional passages comes thru as a true representation of the human soul.”
Jeffrey Nothing is the co-founder and former haunting voice behind Cleveland’s pioneering alterna-metal collective Mushroomhead. His distinct vocals had driven Mushroomhead’s frightening and extreme performance style, garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide. Jeff released his debut solo album The New Psychodalia in 2011, which included the single “Sin O’ Cism.” In 2013, Jeff starred in the movie 13th Sign. He was also the singer of Cleveland-based thrash metal band Hatrix, as well as fronting the band Purgatory in the mid ’80s.