Introducing NINE TREASURES: Buddhism Meets Metal in New Music Video for “Bodhicitta” Featuring Members of LIBERATION Hailing from the Beijing Metal Scene

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Tengger X Cavalry Recordings is thrilled to present another remarkable metal offering from the lands of China, NINE TREASURES. The Mongolian-language metalcore group first turned heads in the Beijing heavy metal scene back in 2010 by incorporating traditional nomadic music elements – eventually rising up the ranks to perform at Wacken Open Air in 2013.
Today, NINE TREASURES have revealed a new music video for the Buddhism-inspired track, “Bodhicitta”, featuring members of fellow Chinese melodic metal band and Tengger X Cavalry Recordings artist Liberation. Watch the music video and read about the band’s beginnings now via Revolver
“Bodhicitta” can be downloaded/streamed now via Bandcamp and other digital retailers.
NINE TREASURES lead vocalist Askhan Avagchuud says about the track, “The song title translates to, ‘the heart of the great wisdom’. In Buddhism, we talk about cause and consequence a lot. It would be great if more people were able to gain happiness and wisdom from studying the wisdom of the Buddha. And this song talks about the power of the wisdom in our mind and soul. Such is the motivation behind the song.”
He adds about his humble metal beginnings, “I was born at the very edge of the Inner Mongolia province in China (a town named New Barag Left Banner), where heavy metal music hardly makes an appearance in any case… Throughout the years, I kept thinking about how I was introduced to heavy metal for the first time in my life, and I have to say it really seems like my destiny…”
Read the whole story about how Avagchuud came in contact with his first electric guitar and more via Revolver!
Tengger X Cavalry Recordings founder Nature G says about the band, “Tengger Cavalry and Nine Treasures basically grew up together in the same scene in Beijing 10 years ago. We were the first few to play Asian folk metal with Mongolian influences back then. We were, together, the pioneers. We even held two festivals together called North Asian Folk Metal Night Volumes 1/2. And now look at where Nine Treasures is – they played the Wacken Open Air main stage and major Chinese fests. Great success. This new video is like no other. We call ourselves the New Wave of Asian Heavy Metal. Get ready folks.”
“Bodhicitta” can be found on the new compilation album, Sound of the Raging Steppe, available now via Tengger X Cavalry Recordings – a new record label founded by Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature G to bring underground Chinese and Mongolian nomadic metal music to North American listeners. Sound of the Raging Steppe is available for download here via Bandcamp. The compilation also features music from five additional folk-influenced heavy metal bands, who have come together to provide a stampede of horseback-heavy sound – weaving an untold story of Chinese history that smashes stereotypes.
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Askhan – vocals/guitar
Aoger – Bass/vocals
Tsog – Morin Khuur
Ding Kai – Drums
Saina – Balalaika