Introducing Exet 7


Without frills, pretense, or bullshit, Exet 7 —Rike [vocals], Tyler [guitar], Steph [bass], and Lukas [drums]— deliver handcrafted heavy rock played on real instruments and cut to tape. Embodying signature Seattle spirit spiked by 21st century production fire and flourishes, the band has just shared the video for its debut single “Sneak Out.” The clip premiered at New Noise.

Watch it here.

The song will be available at all DSPs at midnight EDT.

“When we made this album, we recorded it on 2-inch tape, not on a computer, so what you’re hearing is raw and authentic — no sampled drums or guitars whatsoever,” the band says. “Rock from the the ’90s and early ’00s is our biggest influences. ‘Sneak Out’ is a combination of melodies mixed with ’90s style ‘wall of guitars’ and powerful, unaltered haunting vocals. We all really love the album and are having an amazing time playing it at our shows every night. The music video for ‘Sneak Out’ was filmed in Berlin, Germany, in the middle of the winter, and all we had on were t-shirts, so we’ll speak more about the video when we are finished thawing out. For now, we are sneaking out.”

For as much as the music captures a timeless spirit, the story does the same. Tyler, a Berklee School of Music Student, who wrote this album at the age of 18, after the first inception of that band didn’t work out, moved from the United States to Germany. He was extremely eager to get his band back up and running when he met Rike Barbosa, a Brazilian singer, in Berlin. The pair quickly bonded over their passion for everything from Audioslave and Alice In Chains to Soundgarden and System of a Down. They quickly got to work, putting up ads all over Berlin in search of like-minded musicians. They met Steph and Lukas and the foursome instantly gelled.
The album was recorded at the world-famous Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, alongside renowned producer Omar Vivoni. In these hallowed halls, where Black Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell and The Eagles’ Hotel California sprung to life, Exet 7 urged the studio to “dust off the analog tape machines.” Impressively, they tracked old school until they got it right.
You’re hearing real amplifiers mic’ed up, drums, and no computer tricks, or auto-tuning.  What you see and hear is in your face.

More details about Exet 7’s debut album, due out via XSEYER Records and distributed via BFD via the The Orchard, and touring plans will be revealed soon.