Introducing Blackgoatwear – New Brand Launched By Hellyeah Guitarist Tom Maxwell + Associates Will Include Shadow Boxes, Soaps, Custom Glass, Gourmet Sauces + More



The pandemic that has gripped and enveloped the world for the past year-plus has actually birthed lots of creativity and allowed artists to further execute their unique visions in other spaces. The time in quarantine has not been for naught. It has fostered ideas and encouraged art. New lifestyle company Blackgoatwear is one such positive product of the pandemic.

 During the lockdown, Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell and his friends, Tim Buchenroth and Luke Fletcher, came up with an idea for a boutique-style merch company that leaned into the darker side of life — in terms of its imagery and aesthetics. The trio wanted to create not only wearables but also one-a-kind pieces, like shadow boxes and self-care items like handmade, all-natural soaps, as well as gourmet spice rubs and hot sauces, along with original comic prints, custom glass pieces, and more. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to Blackgoatwear’s carefully curated and highly edited offerings.

Imagine if Etsy and Deviant Art procreated, without the constraints of typical e-commerce and with a passion for the mysterious, the mystical, the paranormal, the occult, and the “What Ifs” that define life as we know it. That’s Blackgoatwear. It’s truly a creepy and cool endeavor, one that is bound to connect with hard rock, metal, industrial, and goth music fans — and more.

 If you can never quite find what you are looking for and have an appreciation for this style and aesthetic, then Blackgoatwear will be your new favorite brand. If you love being asked, “Oh my god, where did you get that?” when people visit your home or when sizing up your attire, or if you simply have a hankering for custom, one-a-kind, and totally different decor and that you can’t get at the local big box retailer, then Blackgoatwear is decidedly for you.

The company’s focus will be on craftsmanship as much as it will be about customer service, with the goal of offering shoppers unique pieces of art that they will be proud to wear, display, and use at their dark dinner parties.

Blackgoatwear will officially launch on Monday, September 6. To celebrate the kickoff and a, well, bright future, the brand will be offering its new fans and followers the chance to win one free Dean Guitar. [[INSERT DETAILS HERE]], along with a bottle of custom Forbidden Fruit Spicy Gourmet sauce, and a t-shirt. To enter the sweepstakes, simply submit your email address here. No purchase necessary.