Infinity Shred Announce EP002 (Recovery) Available Feb. 19





Click the image above or follow this link to view the “Was” visualizer (created by Ghostdad):


Jan. 29, 2021, NEW YORK – Infinity Shred, the New York-based trio who released their 3DOT Recordings’ debut, Forever, A Fast Life to widespread praise in 2019, return with a six-song EP dubbed EP002 (Recovery) on Feb. 19.

A preview of the digital only release arrives via the Ghostdad crafted visualizer for “Was.” The song is offered as an instant download with pre-orders, which can be found here:

“Written during a time of rapid and tumultuous personal change for all members of the band, EP 002 (Recovery) is an introspective journey through learning to stop hating yourself,” said the band collectively. “Rejecting the hollow positivity of gym wall mantras espoused by lifestyle influencers and soul cycle instructors alike, Recovery focuses not on needing to be stronger than you were the day before but on the power of acceptance. Through cycles of rest and intensity the band indulge in their own extremes: euphoric electronics, cathartic metal and meditative ambience.”


EP002 (Recovery) cover


EP002 (Recovery) track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Monitor A
  3. Monitor B
  4. Recovery
  5. Is
  6. Was

Since the New York City trio’s 2012 formation, the group has cemented itself as a curious, critically-acclaimed outlier. Infinity Shred’s 2013 full-length debut, Sanctuary, garnered acclaim from The Verge who described the Ray Bradbury-inspired music video for “Mapper” as “retro-futuristic without being kitschy, desolate without being grim, and held together by Infinity Shred’s song of the same name. ”Meanwhile, Gear Gods dubbed the follow-up Long Distance “fantastic,” as album opener “Choir VI” put up impressive numbers in excess of 2.2 million Spotify streams. Along the way, they canvased the country alongside everyone from Periphery to Astronoid. Further, A Fast Life found them partnering with Periphery via the band’s 3DOT Recordings, with the 10-song album championed by the heavy music underground. Metal Injection said “so much is said on these songs without a single word being uttered” while Heavy Blog Is Heavy described Infinity Shred’s music as having “warmth, urbanity, a bright gaze towards the future, and some excellent music.”


Photo credit: Brian Vu; Left to right: Damon Hardjowirogo, Clara Warnaar, and Nathan Ritholz