Infinite Eve: Releases New EP The Story


Infinite Eve dropped their addictive debut EP The Story on all digital platforms on November 29th, making an epic splash in the Rock scene with thematic melodies, and lyrics everyone can get sad to.

The EP has something most inner alternative and hard rock kids desire. Vibes include, but are not limited to, pop/rock/alternative, heavy, ballad, ethereal, and even heavy metal undertones woven throughout. It’s the album to keep on repeat, giving a new edge to modern rock.

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Infinite Eve was founded in 2017 out of Raleigh, North Carolina, combining the songwriting and musical prowess of Eve Naylor and Paul Warren. Naylor is a vocal chameleon, and draws influence from multiple styles and genres. There are not many limitations to her voice, which soars frequently all over their album. Warren, director of The Raleigh Music Academy, employs powerful guitar techniques and impressive tones.

After collaborating on this incredible work, Naylor and Warren knew they had created something important. The Story EP, self-written, arranged and produced, is gaining traction quickly and already has rave reviews from industry professionals and fans.

A little about the album:

The Story has something for everyone.

“Remiss,” the upbeat first track, is catchy and fun. The lyrics paint somewhat of a sinister picture, in perfect antithesis to the fun melody and catchy riffs. The second track, “Little Birds,” is one for the ages. This song is interesting and ethereal, captivating your ears and attention at first note. This one, also, with an incredibly catchy chorus. By the time you’ve gotten to the third and title track, “The Story,” you’re ready to be wowed, and this track delivers just that. This song is more than a song, —it’s an experience. The fascinating guitar progressions coupled with sky-high vocals will have you never wanting to step off this ride. It’s the heaviest track of the album, and it’s impressive. When it does end, you’re brought to track four, the “power ballad of all power ballads,” entitled, “I Wanted to Stay.” This is the universal track. The chords are simple, but the song packs power, taking you on a journey and building steadily throughout until you’re left breathless by the end. From a lyrical standpoint, this song says everything you’ve ever wanted to say to “the one that got away.” To close out this epic EP, Infinite Eve has taken us home with their first single, “Beautiful Weapon.”

Infinite Eve is a lively and memorable live experience, and are actively booking 2020 dates.

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