Infinite & Divine Announce Debut Album



Infinite & Divine is a new collaboration between two Swedes,
musician/songwriter/producer Jan Åkesson and vocalist Tezzi (a/k/a Terese
Persson). Their debut album, “Silver Lining” will be released on April 9,
2021 via Frontiers Music Srl. You can get your first taste of the band via
the new single and video, ‘Infinite & Divine’ now. See the video HERE:

Pre-order/save “Silver Lining” HERE:

“We are excited to finally get to share this album with you all. It’s been a
great creative experience making this album and along the road sharing and
learning about each other’s strengths and influences in music, with
everything from ’80s hard rock to modern metal. The collaboration just felt
relaxed and natural from the start and the pieces kind of just fell into
place. We’ve had a lot of fun creating this together and we’re not stopping
here,” say Jan and Tezzi.

In the summer of 2019, Jan and Tezzi met and shortly after that decided to
join forces creating what is now their debut Infinite & Divine album “Silver
Lining”. The combination of Jan’s energetic heavy riffs and the variety in
the music with Tezzi’s melodic, yet raw vocals creates a sound not quite
like anything else. While the music style is very melodic, there are a few
twists and turns that make it unique and appealing.

Jan started out as a songwriter while also appearing as lead guitarist in
several bands, before he decided to step back from the live scene to focus
on writing and producing songs. He started the band StoneLake, who released
seven studio albums, while at the same time writing songs for other artists
around the world, all who were performing different styles of music. In
2017, he also released the album “Ascension” by his solo project Shadow

At age 17, Tezzi started doing local troubadour gigs, but before that had
already started writing her own songs and lyrics, which were soon recorded.
Over the years, she appeared in many different musical projects both as a
lead singer in metal and progressive rock bands, as well as doing backup
vocals for various Swedish artists. In 2013, she also appeared on the second
album, “Fantasmagoria,” from Epysode (featuring Mike Lepond of Symphony X,
Simone Mularoni of DGM, and Tom Englund of Evergrey among others) as one of
the five lead singers.

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1.  I Feel Alive

2.  Infinite & Divine

3.  Keep On Moving

4.  Not Too Late

5.  Wasteland

6.  Burn No More

7.  We Are One

8.  Off The End Of The World

9.  You And I

10.        While You’re Looking For Love

11.        Perplexed Perfection


Tezzi – Lead vocals and backing vocals

Jan Åkesson – Guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and Programming

Additional Musicians:

Jens Westberg – Drums

Produced & Mixed by Jan Åkesson

Mastered by Jacob Hansen