Inferno Metal Festival Norway: Passes Running Low


“Something strange and magical happens in the town of Oslo, Norway over Easter week. Most of polite society flees to the mountains while a scourge of metal heads pour in from all over the globe to experience the four day extravaganza of extreme metal, hedonism & hepatocyte known as Inferno Festival. Subsequently, the entire city becomes a misanthropic miscreant’s soggy dream come true, and we’ve got the whole place to ourselves!” – Metal Injection


Inferno Metal Festival has revealed that 4-day passes for the 2023 edition are already running low! The festival will take place during Easter weekend from Thursday, April 6 through Sunday, April 9. Passes can be found HERE!

The full lineup as well as additional side programs and performances can be found below!

Thursday, April 6:

Emperor, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Djevel, Mork, Nekromantheon, Nervosa, Mutilated Tyrant, 1914, Stormruler, Ingested

Friday, April 7:

Amorphis, Godflesh, Wolves In The throne Room, Odium, Harakiri for the Sky, Masacre, Lili Refrain, Darvaza, Dordeduh, Beaten To Death, Féleth, Omnia Moritur

Saturday, April 8:

Watain, Nile, Arcturus, Sakis Tolis, Vemod, Gaerea, Svalbard, Dold Vorde Ens Navn, Dwaal, Wayfarer, Nadir, Blodhemn, Tilintetgjort, Welcome To Hell

Sunday, April 9:

Elder, Abbath, Unleashed, Uada, Crowbar, Urgehal, Vredehammer, Fleshmeadow, Afsky, Octohawk, Ottone Pesante, Filthdigger, Ruun

A detailed schedule with set times and stages can be found HERE.

Tickets can be found HERE.

Hotel info can be found below!

For fans who want to arrive early, Inferno Metal Festival will present the Inferno Club Night on April 5! Throughout several additional venues in Oslo, there will be extra performances that are free to attend for four day ticket holders.

The venue Blå will host avant garde metal master Imperial Triumphant and noise artist John Wiese. In Vaterland, you will be treated to a double black metal feature from Norway’s own Bizarrekult and Sweden’s Thy Gift is a Curse.

The club performances will continue throughout the week with additional programs that defy the confines of heavy metal, yet still present a rebellious and artistic spirit!

For those hungry for more after the closing sets at Rockefeller, you can join Deathbarrel for some outlaw country music. The band will perform after hours on April 7-8 at Clarion Hotel the Hub.

Meanwhile, Kate Pendry and Audun Aschim Steffensen will perform The Ballad of Little Wolf at Brewgata on April 8. In The Ballad of Little Wolf, Pendry and Steffensen explore the limits of their ranges as musician and actress. Pendry’s current explorations with biometric technology and the range of ‘sound’ the body is capable of, coupled with Steffensen’s focus on the theatrical, real-time performativity of composition and musicianship, combine to create a mythopoeic space, where with just two performers the room can be transformed by the sonic shadows they create.

With Little Wolf, Pendry and Steffensen unite the diversity of their artistic expressions in this concert sprechen-sang, bringing together musicianship and theatricality to create a performance that seeks to nudge the boundaries of the artists’ respective disciplines..


Due to high demand, Inferno Metal Festival Norway has announced additional black metal sightseeing tours on Friday, April 7, 2023 as tickets for the previously announced tour on April 6 have sold out!

This unique experience takes place during the 2023 edition of Inferno Metal Festival, which takes place in the heart of Oslo, Norway at the Rockefeller, John Dee venue during Easter weekend from April 6-9, 2023. The lineup and daily schedules for the festival can be found below.

Hosted by Anders Odden (Cadaver, Celtic Frost, Satyricon, Order), the tour will take fans on a trip through the places that marked the beginnings of Norwegian black metal.

For the average music fan the story of Norwegian Black Metal is in essence something about murder, suicide and church burning. Between 1991 and 1993 many of the most important events in this dark chapter in Norwegian music history took place in Oslo and we have put together a field trip to the sights that takes you back in time.

Anders Odden formed his first black metal band, Slaught, in 1986 after attending a rehearsal with Mayhem at the age of 14. He was one of the pioneers in the infancy of the Norwegian scene dealing with tape trading, organizing concerts, and creating more and more extreme music on his own. He formed Cadaver in 1988 and released the first Norwegian death metal album on Earache Records in 1990. His band played shows with Darkthrone, Mayhem, Old Funeral and many more bands of what would become the Norwegian black metal scene in the beginning.

This field trip has exclusive anecdotes and personal memories of the early life of the scene from someone who was there. The schedule for the tour is as follows:


12:00 Departure The Hub, Inferno Festival hotel.

12:30 Holmenkollen Kapell, re-done after church-fire 23rd of August 1992

13:30 Visit to the crime scene of Varg vs Euronymous 1993

14:00 Visit to NESEBLOD RECORDS the site of “HELVETE” 1991-1993

15:00 Visit to Nasjonalbiblioteket – Black Metal Exhibition.

16:00 Return to the Hub, Inferno Festival hotel.

Tickets are now available HERE.

Moreover, the festival is also now revealing the lineup for its infamous tattoo fair, which has been a part of Inferno Metal Festival for years! Dozens of highly revered artists will be taking a stand in the left wing of the main venue, Rockefeller Music Hall. This year’s lineup won’t disappoint: this strong group of international award-winning artists will be happy to visualize your creative ideas in a form of safe, beautiful, custom-made tattoos. The full lineup of artists is as follows:

Micky Benavides

Clod the Ripper

Benjamin Moss

Sefi Blood

Sara Iuso

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Carmen PG

Maria Viirros

Madeleine Fleming

Henrik Wiman

Christian Cribbe

Barbora Sharuzen

Mark Weatherhead


In addition to celebrating heavy metal in the birth country of Norwegian black metal, Inferno Metal Festival also offers festival attendees a chance to embrace Norwegian culture. This year, metalheads traveling to Oslo are in for a very special treat as there will be a very special exhibition about Norwegian black metal at the National Library of Norway, which opens in April 2023 in conjunction with Inferno Metal Festival.

The new exhibition investigates the dark and chaotic feelings of Norwegian black metal. Drawing from the library’s rich collection, the exhibition references ancient Norwegian cultural history and shows black metal as a music form with a distinct artistic expression The exhibition conveys how Norwegian black metal has had an impact far beyond Norwegian borders with a vast number of international followers.

The National Library of Norway invites fans and other lovers of music and cultural history to dig deep and explore Norwegian black metal as a music genre and a cultural phenomenon. There will be guided tours every day of the festival week.

In partnership with Inferno Metal Festival, Indie Recordings will be hosting a label night on April 5, 2023 at SALT in Oslo (NO). The epic festival pre-party will feature performances from In Vain, Eradikated, and Vorbid. The event is free to Inferno Festival attendees with four-day passes. Others can purchase standalone tickets for the label event HERE.

Information on SALT can be found HERE.

Official festival hotel – Clarion Hotel® The Hub:

The Inferno family; artists and fans, media and music industry will gather at the official festival hotel Clarion Hotel The Hub for happenings, partying and a good night of sleep. The Inferno Music Conference will take place at the hotel in the daytime Thursday and Friday. There will be pre- and after- parties in the Hub Bar with Inferno DJs, artist interviews, the famous Black Metal Auction hosted by Tore Bratseth and more! For guests staying at the hotel, it will be Oslo’s best hotel breakfast until 11:00 (you don`t want to miss it) and free access to swimming pool and sauna.

The special Inferno discount price is valid from April 2-10. Extend your stay and experience Oslo!

Go to to order and make sure the discount/booking code INFERNO is enabled to get the correct festival prices.

For more than 20 years, Inferno Metal Festival has been a leading force in the international extreme metal movement, attracting fans from more than 50 countries to the yearly event in metal mekka, Oslo, Norway. Each Easter metalheads have been swarming the city center for four days straight.


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