Industrial Metal Band SOCIETY 1 Reveals Futuristic New Video for “Bleed You Away”

New Album, Black Level Six, Scheduled for Release Later this Year
Long-standing industrial-fused metal band SOCIETY 1 has revealed a futuristic, sci-fi-inspired video for “Bleed You Away,” from their upcoming sixth album, Black Level Six.
Watch “Bleed You Away” today at
As the head of his own production company, Lord Zane Productions, SOCIETY 1 vocalist Lord Zane has directed and produced videos for numerous artists, including Zakk Wylde, DMC (Run DMC), Static-X, John 5 and many more, but directing the video for “Bleed You Away” was a massive undertaking.
“This was one hell of a video project to put together but my production company, Lord Zane Productions, did one hell of a job,” Zane says. “I love sci-fi and always wanted to do some type of futuristic space theme. Luckily when you have your own video company you can do crazy projects like this. The track has some electronic elements, so it seemed like a good fit to finally explore my love of spaceships, holograms and lasers. I know it seems weird, but I just didn’t want to do another video of a band in a warehouse or desert banging their heads.”
“Bleed You Away” can also be streamed now via Spotify.
Innovation, invention and intensity are all words that sum up Lord Zane. Through the peaks and valleys of SOCIETY 1’s career, Zane’s passion and staunch dedication to his art have never subsided. SOCIETY 1 has seen it all before and has a hunger riding within the seat of experience – still as dangerous but with focus and intensity matched only by wisdom.
Although the 13 tracks on Black Level Six is based on a conventional theme of recovering from heartbreak, Zane’s cutting-edge songwriting and lyrical mastery approaches the topic in the unconventional style for which SOCIETY 1 has garnered its reputation. Described as “very somber, but very delicate in a way – and sad and creepy all at the same time,” Black Level Six tackles not only pain and suffering but also the steps through recovery and the process of letting go.
Black Level Six was recorded at Pawnshop Studios, mixed by Greg Hetson, Shane Smith and Blake Harden, mastered by Mike Wells, and co-produced by Patrick Burkholder.
LA Weekly described Lord Zane as an embodiment of “Morrisonesque shamanics and Satanic self-determination.”
“…as front man for the world-touring metal band SOCIETY 1, Zane took live performing to new heights by setting a world record as the first person to sing live before 40,000 people while suspended 30ft. off the stage by a series of steel hooks pierced through his back.” – The Metal Forge
“Few performers have offered up flesh and blood for their art like Matt Zane has.” – Wormwood Chronicles
“…every show is so full of energy that I equate it to catching lighting in a bottle. Not only is it high energy, it drips with the sexiness of dirty Rock ‘n Roll mixed with the sound of grinding
industrial metal.” – Examiner
Lord Zane – Vocals
Jimmy Minj- Bass
Zhenya Pro- Drums
Johnny Pilz – Guitar
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Management: Shawn Barusch for Music Gallery International.
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