Industrial/Metal Band DECENT NEWS Announces The Release Of “Monolith”


September 10, 2019 – Industrial/metal band DECENT NEWS and Machine Man Records proudly announce the new full-length release, “Monolith.”  The 10 track album is available on both CD and digital formats.  

For fans of: industrial/rock or industrial/metal

“As far as the music goes, the intro melody of “Black Box” is actually Morse code for COD which was an international distress call before SOS.  The idea for the lyrics came from Caleb and I joking around about how we should colonize the sun because there’s no proof that the sun is hot.  We started talking about sending humanity to the sun in droves to start a new life.  Pack some SPF 30!”  –  Eddie LaFlash (Decent News)


1. Monolith 03:52    
2. Black Box 04:03    
3. Substance 03:42    
4. Torture Me 05:22    
5. Eyewitness 04:25    
6. I’ll Be Awakened 02:35    
7. Krokodil 03:41    
8. The Mud 02:25    
9. Pyrophile 05:08    
10. Opiate 03:12

“Monolith is a big step up in craft and aesthetics for Decent News. While earlier album Filth found the band in promising industrial territory, this new album finds the band firing on all creative cylinders. Decent News amps up relentlessly heavy riffage, digitized percussion, gritty warehouse club rhythms, and rugged vocals.”  –  New CT Metal

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