Industrial Band CONTROVERSIAL Drops Visualizer For The Track, “Violence”


July 25, 2021
 – Belgian industrial band CONTROVERSIAL has just dropped the visualizer for their song, “Violence.”  The track appears on CONTROVERSIAL‘s most recent Cleopatra Records release, Second Genesis.

The song, “Violence” is based on a documentary from the 1990s about human violence. 

As far as motivation is concerned, CONTROVERSIAL deals with the darker side of humanity. Violence is of course up there and we refer also to war as the culmination of violence. We do it from the position of a spectator outside of humanity.For fans of: SKREW & MINISTRY

“There’s aesthetic/sound inspirations like for instance using social commentary samples (like Ministry for instance). These are mainly represented by songs on social and political themes. There are also themes that evoke an emotional reaction, like anger, frustration and hate. Then there are “streams of consciousness” songs, where we don’t really have a concrete theme, but we open ourselves up to what comes naturally while we mentally associate with certain feelings and themes.

Lastly, since we are a “left hand path” band, themes of that philosophy are to be found in our lyrics, like the importance of the ego and the emancipation of the “self”.