In Nomine IKEA – Official Video For NANOWAR OF STEEL’s New X-Mas Hit “Valhalleluja” Out NOW!

Get The Limited 7” Single HERE
In nomine IKEA et Odin, et NANOWAR OF STEEL – Valhalleluja!
NANOWAR OF STEEL and Odin, the Master of IKEA, proudly present the smash Christmas hit of the year! “Valhalleluja” it is – beckoning you out of your chair into yuletide hysteria and inspiring uncontrolled dance moves, with glorious gospel-metal power that resounds straight to the bone. Within seconds, you’ll find yourself sending prayers to Odin… and your favorite piece of furniture!
Make some room under your Christmas tree for NANOWAR OF STEEL’s holiday masterpiece, “Valhalleluja”, featuring the powerful guest vocals of Angus McFife of Gloryhammer. The craziest Christmas present is now available as a 7” Single and includes one bonus track. This is a surefire repeat listen, not just on Christmas eve! 
Clear up your confusion and watch the “Valhalleluja” video HERE:
NANOWAR OF STEEL on Vahalleluja:
“Valhalleluja is NANOWAR’s very own take on Christmas and modern-day Vikingness, featuring Sir Angus McFife of Gloryhammer. It’s an epic gospel-metal song praising the virtues of our Lord and Saviour Odin, master of IKEA and protector of the stylish-furniture loving Metalheads. This song will change the way you look at your living room for good.”
Celebrate Furniture Like You Never Have Before:
Get the limited Valhalleluja 7” Single HERE!
NANOWAR OF STEEL are releasing this limited 7” single just in time for Christmas on December 13. The single will contain the songs ”Valhalleluja” and “Sottosegretari alla presidenza della repubblica del True Metal ft. Gli Atroci”. 
VALHALLELUJA is available in the following formats:
– 7″ Vinyl Single
– T-Shirt & 7″ Vinyl Single (Bundle)
– Digital Single
Ladder To Valhalla Tour:
12.02.2020 FR  – Colmar / Grillen
13.02.2020 FR – Saint Martin D’Heres /  L’aquarium
15.02.2020 FR – Bordeaux / I.BOAT 
16.02.2020 FR – Touluse / L`Usine à Musique
17.02.2020 FR- Nantes / Ferraileur
18.02.2020 FR – Paris / Le Cantine de Petit Bain
20.02.2020 IT – Moncalieri / Audiodrome Rock Club Torino
21.02.2020 IT – Nonantola / VOX Club 
22.02.2020 IT- Rome / Largo Venue
27.02.2020 ES – Zaragoza / Sala López
28.02.2020 ES – Barcelona / Salamandra Sala 1*
29.02.2020 ES – Murcia / Garaje Beat Club*
05.03.2020 ES – Oviedo / Lata de zinc
06.03.2020 ES – Palencia / Sala Infinity
07.03.2020 ES – La Coruna / Filomatic
02.05.2020 LI – Balzers / Open Hair Metal Festival
16.05.2020 ES – Madrid / Fosa de Frikis 
04.07.2020 CH – Vallorbe / Khal’fest
* with Gigatron
Mohammed Abdul – guitar and backing vocals
Gatto Panceri 666 – bass and backing vocals
Uinona Raider – drums
Potowotominimak  – vocals
Mr. Baffo – vocals
More Info: