Ice Nine Kills: Release Mini-Documentary ‘THE DISNEY REVENGE SHOW’

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‘Too Evil For Children II’
Nightmare On The Ninth Merch Capsule Now Live
Record Store Day Exclusive
‘Killer Cuts’ 10″ Vinyl
To Be Available on October 24th
Photo Credit: Tina K
Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 – Ice Nine Kills was scheduled to play at a Disney owned venue in Orlando, FL on April 26th 2019. A few weeks prior to the performance, the band was notified that they were no longer welcome to play because of their evil and disturbing imagery. This mini-documentary provides a glimpse of what went down on July 25th when they returned to the city for revenge. Commenting on the rescheduled show, Ice Nine Kills frontman, Spencer Charnas says
“Looking back at the Disney incident fills me with nothing but laughter. When I first heard about the ban I was perturbed strictly because we love playing in that city. But rather than mope and cry about it, I had the idea to poke fun at the situation by creating a merch line of beloved Disney characters and inserting them in slasher movie scenarios. 
This mini documentary chronicles our triumphant sold out return to Orlando and the chaos that ensued..“  
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Ice Nine Kills - The Disney Revenge Show [Documentary]
To compliment the release of ‘The Disney Revenge Show’, Ice Nine Kills have dropped their latest Nightmare On The Ninth merch capsule – ‘Too Evil For Children II’ – with a number of bone-chilling designs featuring horror themed reimaginings of Classic Disney characters. As with every Nightmare On The Ninth drop, this capsule is only available for a limited amount of time from and will sell out, so grab yours while you can.
Ice Nine Kills also revealed that they will have a vey special Record Store Day exclusive this year. The Silver Scream: Killer Cuts 10″ Vinyl will feature 6 tracks on a blood-splattered, buzz saw shaped vinyl and will be available on Saturday, October 24th. Head to for info
The Silver Scream: Killer Cuts
Records Store Day Exclusive 10″ Vinyl
Your Number’s Up
Stabbing In The Dark (Acoustic) feat. Matt Heafy
Savages (Acoustic)
Thank God It’s Friday (Acoustic) feat. Ari Lehman
In a landscape littered with celebrity fakes and would-be influencers, Ice Nine Kills stand apart. Visionary trailblazers and multimedia raconteurs, INK has steadily built a thrilling new underworld for a growing legion of devoted true believers, with theatrical shows, high-concept videos, and inventive band-to-fan communion.
Ice Nine Kills summon the most captivating elements of metal, punk and hard rock and combine it with melody, cinematic obsession, and a literary fascination.
Loudwire hails them as “one of the most unique acts in metal right now,” a declaration supported by the band’s Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart topping slab, The Silver Scream.
The Silver Scream and the subsequent extended edition, The Silver Scream: Final Cut generated anthems for the disenfranchised and subculture obsessives, like The American Nightmare, A Grave Mistake and Savages and broke them into Active Rock radio, with hit track A Grave Mistake peaking at #9.
After a decade of studio wizardry and live theatricality, Ice Nine Kills draws favorable comparisons to rock icons like Slipknot, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson, via a likeminded synergy of music, lifestyle, and cult following reverence. With 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a combined social media reach of over 762k and over 70 million views on Youtube, the band are firmly cemented as one of modern metal’s most ferocious forces.
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