HJELVIK – “Welcome To Hel” Out Now!

The day is finally here: Norwegian blackened Viking heavy metal solo-band HJELVIK releases his masterpiece Welcome to Hel, a monumental debut album enshrouded in a mystical fog of Norse mythology and steeped in the classic sounds of metal, both underground and mainstream.

Order the album in the format of your choice here: http://nblast.de/Hjelvik-WelcomeToHel

Frontman Erlend Hjelvik comments: “Yes, it’s finally time to unleash the beast that is ‘Welcome to Hel’! I’ve been listening to this album for over a year now, so I’m really excited to share my vision of METAL with the world. I’m immensely proud of what I’ve created here together with my talented crew consisting of Rob SteinwayAlexis Lieu and Kevin Foley. I can’t thank them enough with the awesome job they did on the album. I would also like to thank engineer and mixer Justin Phelps, mastering engineer Alan Douches for making the album sound awesome, Joe Petagno for his legendary cover art, the fine Nuclear Blast family for putting it out and my wife and manager Shelby for working day and night to make HJELVIK and ‘Welcome to Hel’ a reality.  Finally, I would like to thank all my dedicated fans for all the support, it really means a lot.  I hope you guys enjoy my album as much as I did making it and look forward to seeing you all on the road soon!  Praise Odin and skål!”   

HJELVIK‘s first solo album Welcome to Hel, based on Norse mythology and history, includes all the trappings of a lucrative Viking pillage. The album was recorded and mixed at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon, US by Justin Phelps (Joe Satriani, Poison Idea, Slough Feg) and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer, Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge, Baroness). Special guest appearances by Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire) on ‘Glory of Hel’ and Mike Scalzi (Slough Feg) on ‘Necromance’ are also included. The legendary Joe Petagno created the Welcome to Hel cover artwork and HJELVIK logo and is responsible for creating the timeless iconic images we all love from bands like Motörhead, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth

Erlend HJELVIK‘s first two singles + music videos from the Welcome to Hel debut album here:

“North Tsar”https://youtu.be/_tKN2kfcQd8
Uncensored “North Tsar”: https://youtu.be/_tKN2kfcQd8
Glory Of Hel”https://youtu.be/aJI9e3Srw0w
Welcome to Hel tracklist:
1. Father War
2. Thor’s Hammer
3. Helgrinda
4. The Power Ballad of Freyr
5. Glory of Hel
6. 12th Spell
7. Ironwood
8. Kveldulv
9. North Tsar
10. Necromance

HJELVIK is the new solo-band of ex-KVELERTAK frontman, lyricist and co-founder Erlend Hjelvik. After touring worldwide with some of the world’s greatest bands like METALLICA, SLAYER and GHOST and earning four Norwegian Spellemann awards, Erlend parted ways with his bandmates in 2018 and has spent the last two years songwriting and creating HJELVIK‘s first solo album.

Watch HJELVIK‘s announcement (English) here: https://youtu.be/UneH8BFYG1k
Watch HJELVIK‘s announcement (Norwegian) here: https://youtu.be/1Do_TcBozqQ

Erlend Hjelvik – Vocals, Lyrics, and Songwriting
Rob Steinway – Lead Guitar
Remi André Nygård – Rhythm Guitar
Alexis Lieu – Bass
Kevin Foley – Drums

Order Welcome To Hel in the format of your choice here: http://nblast.de/Hjelvik-WelcomeToHel
Visit HJELVIK at

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