Hinder / Sidetrack Concert Review

The Hinder show on June 7 at the Gaslight Social Club in Casper, Wyoming was the first to kick off the 2023 summer concert series for the venue. It started off wet and rainy with plenty of thunder and lightning to go along. Hinder and opening act, local cover band Sidetrack, got off to a late start with all the action in the skies.

However, the weather didn’t stop the fans from piling into the venue to socialize with a drink or two before the rain finally let up and everyone moved outside. Many of the patrons had garbage bags
turned into raincoats to help keep them dry. There was zero concern for fashion though, only plans to celebrate the beginning of a new season of concerts, music, friendships, and making memories.

Sidetrack started their set off with Iron Maiden’s “Ides of March / Wrathchild” followed by
“Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones. There were quite a few Sidetrack supporters donning T-shirts that read “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You” on the back.

The band consists of John Jennings on lead guitar, Mike Womack on drums, Barry Neilson on
lead vocals and bass guitar, and Dick Meyering on rhythm guitar. They went on to play covers from Judas Priest, Kiss, ZZ Top and Alice in Chains. The band finished up their set with “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath and “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead.

The crowd was now primed and ready for the headliner and the rain had finally stopped.

Hinder came out with their first song, “Up All Night” to a welcoming and pumped-up audience.
Next they performed “How Long” and one of their new tunes “Everything is a Cult”. The sun had set
by then but the night sky was still full of clouds and the crowd was lit up with the pinks, greens and
blues of the stage lights.

Hinder vocalist Marshal Dutton spent plenty of time mingling with the crowd. He took selfies with the
front row and invited fans to sing along. The band was very energetic and engaging as they performed songs such as “Intoxicated”, “Use Me”, and another new single, “Bring Me Back to Life”. The fans held their cell phone’s up with lights on as if they were lighters while they swayed back and forth to the music. Lead guitarist, Joe Garvey, Drummer, Cody Hanson, rhythm guitarist Mark King, and bass player, Mike Rodden brought their A game and it was obvious they have a great camaraderie between them on stage.

The crowd joined in to sing along with the band for “Better Than Me” and everyone’s hands were high in the air. Hinder then did a cover of the Eagles hit, “Life in the Fast Lane”. The band waited until the end of the night to perform two of their biggest hits, “Lips of an Angel” and “Get Stoned”. The audience went absolutely wild as they sang along to every word.

This show was a success and there were many Gaslight Social patrons that were more than happy to welcome in the Summer concert series of 2023 after a long, cold winter.

Hinder will be on tour through August 2023, check their website for complete tour dates to find a show near you at Hindermusic.com