Her Shadow Release New Single “Devil Inside”

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New Album ‘Ghost Love Chronicles’

Arrives November 11th!

Her Shadow offers dreamy pop music with moonlight melodies, heavenly hooks and Lynchian twists. The ethereal soundscapes come to life in a dream noir universe oozing with catchy choruses, Morricone motifs and vintage sounds interweave with state-of-the-art production.

Today, they release “Devil Inside” the second single from their upcoming album ‘Ghost Love Chronicles’ to be release November 11th via Svart Records.

“When writing this song, I set myself a challenge: how many chords could the progression go through before it returns to the start? I made it to ten. As with most good ideas, I came up with the vocal melody to the chorus in the shower. Anna Carolina’s vocal delivery, soft as cotton candy, gave the cake a proper Lynchian coating”, comments songwriter Tomi Henttunen.

“I find the contrast between the soft doo-wop vocals and the brutal lyrics very captivating. This is one of my favorites on the album”, says lyricist Laakso. 

The birth of Her Shadow was inevitable. Old friends, guitarist-songwriter Tomi Henttunen (Royal Lips) and keyboardist-lyricist Laakso (Kuolemanlaakso) had a versatile but very different background in making music but a shared obsession with Twin Peaks and Lana Del Rey. The original idea in 2016 was to combine the best of both worlds and spice up the mix with film noir and dream-like elements – to make music that they love but had never done before.

They recruited the enigmatic singer Anna Carolina (Royal Lips), drummer extraordinaire Toni Ronkainen (Kuolemanlaakso) and producer-engineer Jaani Peuhu (Swallow the Sun, Lord of the Lost etc.), and recorded a four-song demo. They instantly got signed to Svart Records and started working on their debut album. After five long years of hard work, it is finally ready to be released upon the world.



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As they say, good things come to those who wait and ‘The Ghost Love Chronicles’ will be released November 11, 2022. The album was produced by musical and visual mastermind Henttunen, mixed by Sampsa Väätäinen (Ismo Alanko, Neøv etc.) and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Opeth etc.) at the world renowned Orgone Studios.

The songs range from the mellow Motown mood of “Fifth Season” to the modern pop banger “Kinda Love You”, from the Morricone-inspired “Vigilante” to the nightmarish haunted house thriller “What Hides in the Dark” and from eerie playfulness of “White Lane” to ghoulishly beautiful “Devil Inside”. It remains to see, if ‘The Ghost Love Chronicles” will grow into a hit album or a cult classic, but it sure has the potential for both.


Slip into something comfortable, open the doors of your perception and enter realm of Her Shadow. 

Track List:

1. Fifth Season

2. Raging Blue

3. White Lane

4. So Close 

5. Devil Inside

6. Kinda Love You

7. Poisoned Moon

8. Vigilante

9. The Age of Velvet

10. What Hides in the Dark

Watch the Video for “Fifth Season” HERE

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