HENRY CHAUHAN Premieres “Curse Me” at Knotfest

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Fifteen year old drummer (endorsed by Pearl Drums since age 12) Henry Chauhan shares, “’Curse Me’ is a personal song that delves into the theme of pain, loneliness and the desire for redemption and tells the story of someone has experienced a lifetime of hardships and feels failed by the society we live in.”

Henry Chauhan is the only person under age 18 to feature on be featured on Pearl Drums’ artist page. He also is endorsed by Sabian, Wincent, Remo and Telefunken. 

Landing as the rock industry’s latest fix, the artist is currently in the process of transforming his sound from nu-metal into a new and evolved concoction of EDM meets metalcore with hints of orchestral textures. Forging a genre-fluid soundscape heavily inspired by his current real-life experiences and goated musicians such as Linkin Park and Architects, the musician is developing a sound through an angsty teenage lens that further explores his youthful charisma.


Writing from the heart is something that comes naturally to music prodigy Henry Chauhan. A talented songwriter and musician, the up-and-coming star is surprising many with his emotionally mature lyrics and introspective ballads. Showcasing that his musicianship skills are way ahead of his years, it’s fair to say Henry is standing on his own two feet as a force to be reckoned within the alternative music scene.


His new single “Curse Me” is a poignant and introspective piece that delves into themes of pain, loneliness, and the desire for redemption. It tells the story of a person who has experienced a lifetime of hardships, feeling unloved and abandoned. The lyrics convey their struggles with trust issues, anxieties, and the weight of emotional trauma. It combines the sounds of UK drill and alternative metal.

Ramon Gonzales, Knotfest writes “Equally effective as it is poignant, Chauhan’s knack for composing well-published pieces of contemporary metalcore is underscored by his ability to write heartfelt stanzas. On ‘Curse Me’, the songwriter explores heavy themes, tackling isolation, despair and the notion of redemption with sweeping hooks and swift lyrical delivery. Charging ahead with confidence in his craft, the advantage of youth and a consuming desire to be the very best, Chauhan is taking inspirational cues from the likes of Architects and Linkin Park to solidify his own place in the space of contemporary rock. Sourcing from various genres, the teenage sensation is on track make a lasting contribution to the culture by taking his wealth of influences to make something all his own.”

About me – by Henry Chauhan:


I started out my musical journey at the age of five years old. I would always play with pots and pans using cutlery to play rhythms. I was a very shy and quiet person who would never even speak a word to a stranger. My mom took me to a piano lesson one day and halfway through, to everyone’s surprise I stood up and said “I don’t want to play piano, I want to do drums”. This was out of character for me but almost seemed like an instinct. I took my first lesson and never looked back. Practicing hours every day from the age of five, putting in hard work and dedication working quickly through the rockschool grades, achieving grade 8 at just 11 years old.


After achieving grade 8 rock school drums I decided to set up a YouTube channel playing songs I liked. The channel quickly gained momentum, gaining 350 thousand followers over YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  My cover of Slipknot’s “Unsainted” received 4.9 million views. I taught myself how to record and edit my own videos.


In 2020 I was endorsed by Pearl Drums, the only “under 18” to feature on their artist page. I also received endorsements from Sabian, Wincent, Remo and Telefunken. 


Rockschool (the exam board for drums) reached out to me and did a full interview which was published on their official website.


During Lockdown I used my time to do a number of online collaborations with artists all over the world. One of these was with a London-based award winning not for profit band project called Power Jam. This performance was our version of Foo Fighters “Times Like These”, which can be found on my YouTube channel. During this time I also was featured on a Sky New’s Kids show called “FYI” I had an interview on live TV. There were also several articles written about me in newspaper publications such as the Shropshire and Express and Star.


Towards the end of 2020 Lava records reached out to me showing their support and asking me to cover a song from one of their bands, “South of Eden.” This cover was then featured on their Instagram Page. I’ve had several bands show their support such as Sepultura leaving comments on my social media.


I attended Bimm London during summer 2019, spent Saturdays studying at the London College of Music. I am dedicated to improving and being the best musician I can be. Last year I attended the Berklee summer program 2022 receiving a 100% scholarship. I was aged 14, the minimum age to attend is 15. I auditioned for the rock allstars when I arrived and won the role, performing at the end of the course with the best musicians studying at Berklee.


On my return to the UK I sought out drum teachers who could help me improve or teach me something new. In the last 2 years I have had lessons from Gareth Grover who is the drummer for Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Jason Bowld (who is the current drummer for Bullet For My Valentine and formerly of Pitch Shifter), and Pat Garvey (who one of the UK’s most prominent player/educators and has written over 300 articles for various drum magazines, including iDrum Magazine and the iconic Rhythm Magazine, and he’s Head of Drums at BIMM). These musicians helped me gain a better insight into the music industry and helped me make strides towards becoming a better and more professional musician.


One day at school I sat down at a piano and just started playing. It was at this moment I came across this riff. I came back home and started to construct this riff into a song, this was new to me but felt natural. I taught myself how to use Logic Pro X, and started constructing my first song. I then got to the lyrics, started writing words down on paper, words that meant something to me and realized I had a story to tell. This is what songwriting was to me, a way of communicating thoughts that I could not share in person. I have always been imaginative and creative and have been told by my English teacher that I have a talent for writing stories. Songwriting to me means I have the freedom to visualize the world the way I want. My first song Arctic Noise I wrote to convey past experiences of feeling bullied and alone while sympathizing with other people. “Arctic Noise” is a culmination of electro elements, atmospheric synths and brutal guitars.




I wanted to gain feedback and perspective so I decided to show my song to several different musicians that had taught me in the past Including Jason Bowld who is drummer for Bullet For My Valentine who gave me very positive feedback and put me in touch JIM Pinder who is producer behind the works of Bring Me The Horizon, Sleep Token , Bullet For My Valentine, While She Sleeps, Hot Milk. I then proceeded to work with Jim to help enhance my music and within time I had finished my debut single “Arctic Noise”. I enjoyed writing this song more than anything else and more than drumming.  I started to compose my second song “Life As We Know”. I incorporated rap whilst still having the traditional rock elements being inspired by bands such as Linkin Park. This song was merely a steppingstone towards my third song “Meant To Be.”

Henry Chauhan premieres fourth single “Curse Me” on Knotfest today, June 16, 2023!

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