HAREM SCAREM- “The Ultimate Collection Box Set” a 14CD limited edition deluxe box + Color Vinyl editions

On March 22, 2019, Harem Scarem band will release “The Ultimate Collection Box Set” a 14CD limited edition deluxe box set and four titles (“Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, “United”) on limited edition color vinyl via Frontiers Music srl! All tracks remastered by Harry Hess Full details below.

Pre-order: http://radi.al/TheUltimateCollection

U.S. & Canada Customers Pre-Order HEREhttp://pmusic.co/lnW4N1 [This is the ONLY store in North America where the limited edition box set will be available and it strictly limited to 100 copies. That’s it. Only 100 copies being sent to North America! For the colored vinyl, only 150 copies are being sent to North America. 50 copies of each limited edition color vinyl are available at this store with the remaining 100 copies shipping to our North American distributor for distribution to physical retailers. If you absolutely want to guarantee that you will secure yourself a copy of one of the vinyl reissues, then your best bet would be to order from here. We cannot know or guarantee which retail stores will get copies of the remaining 100 as it will be first come, first serve.]

EU Customers Pre-Order HERE: www.frontiers.shop

Given the “hard to find” nature of many titles in Harem Scarem’s catalog, the band, in cooperation with Frontiers, has decided to make their catalog available in an exclusive, limited edition box set. The result is a mammoth box set inclusive of 13 studio albums encompassing the entire Harem Scarem discography plus a gargantuan amount of rare, unreleased, and bonus tracks which comprise a full bonus disc, in addition to original bonus tracks added to individual albums. The 14 CDs will be packaged in vinyl replica slipcases housed inside a collector’s box.

On top of this, Frontiers and the band decided to add a very special one time limited run of colored vinyl for the signature Frontiers’ catalogue releases “Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, and the band’s last studio album, “United”. These vinyl runs are EXTREMELY LIMITED. For example, ONLY 150 TOTAL will be available in North America, so act fast to secure one.

The full set will also be available digitally as well.


CD 1 Harem Scarem
1. Hard To Love
2. Distant Memory
3. With A Little Love
4. Honestly
5. Love Reaction
6. Slowly Slipping Away
7. All Over Again
8. Don’t Give Your Heart Away
9. How Long
10. Something To Say
Bonus tracks:
11. Hard To Love (Acoustic)
12. How Long (Acoustic)
13. Honestly (Acoustic)
14. Slowly Slipping Away (Acoustic)

CD 2 Moodswings
1. Saviors Never Cry
2. No Justice
3. Stranger Than Love
4. Changes Come Around
5. Jealousy
6. Sentimental Blvd
7. Mandy
8. Empty Promises
9. If There Was A Time
10. Just Like I Planned
11. Had Enough
Bonus tracks:
12. Change Comes Around (acoustic)
13. No Justice (Crazy Pants Remix)
14. If There Was A Time (acoustic)
15. Jealousy (acoustic)
16. Just Like I Planned (Acoustic)
17. Stranger Than Love (acoustic)

CD 3 Voice Of Reason
1. Voice Of Reason
2. Blue
3. Warming A Frozen Rose
4. Let It Go
5. And That’s All
6. Breathing Sand
7. Candle
8. The Paint Thins
9. I’ll Be Brief
10. Untouched
11. Necessary Evil
Bonus track:
12. Candle (Acoustic)

CD 4 Believe / Karma Cleansing
1. Believe
2. Die Off Hard
3. Hail, Hail
4. Staying Away
5. Baby With A Nail Gun
6. Morning Grey
7. Victim Of Fate
8. Rain
9. I Won’t Be There
10. Karma Cleansing
11. Cages
12. The Mirror
13. Rain (Acoustic)

CD 5 Big Bang Theory
1. So Blind
2. Climb The Gate
3. Reload
4. Tables Turning
5. Turn Around
6. Seas Of Dissension
7. Sometimes I Wish
8. Never Have It All
9. Lying
10. Without You
11. Wasted Time
12. New Religion
13. What I Do
14. In My State Of Mind
15. So Blind (Acoustic)

CD 6 Weight Of The World
1. Weight Of The World
2. Killing Me
3. Outside Your Window
4. All I Want Is Everything
5. This Ain’t Over
6. Internude
7. You Ruined Everything
8. Charmed Life
9. If You
10. See Saw
11. Voice Inside
12. End Of Time

CD 7 Higher
1. Reach
2. Waited
3. Torn Right Out
4. Give It To You
5. Higher
6. Run And Hide
7. Lucky Ones
8. Lies
9. Gone
10. Lost
11. Wishing
12. Higher (Acoustic)

CD 8 Overload
1. Dagger
2. Afterglow
3. Rise & Fall
4. Don’t Come Easy
5. Can’t Live With You
6. Forgive & Forget
7. All You’re Getting
8. Leading Me On
9. Understand You
10. Same Mistakes

CD 9 Human Nature
1. Human Nature
2. Next Time Around
3. Caught Up In Your World
4. Reality
5. Hanging On
6. Don’t Throw It Away
7. Give Love/Get Love
8. 21
9. Starlight
10. Going Under
11. Tomorrow May Be Gone
12. Human Nature (Acoustic)
13. Caught Up In Your World (Acoustic)

CD 10 Hope
1. Watch Your Back
2. Time Bomb
3. Hope
4. Days Are Numbered
5. Dark Times
6. Beyond Repair
7. Never Too Late
8. Shooting Star
9. Calm Before The Storm
10. Nothing Without You

CD 11 Thirteen
1. Garden Of Eden
2. Live It
3. Early Warning Signs
4. The Midnight Hours
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Saints And Sinners
7. All I Need
8. Troubled Times
9. Never Say Never
10. Stardust
11. Garden Of Eden (Acoustic)
12. The Midnight Hours (Acoustic)

CD 12 United
1. United
2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3. Gravity
4. Sinking Ship
5. One Of Life’s Mysteries
6. No Regrets
7. Bite The Bullet
8. Things I Know
9. Heaven And Earth
10. Indestructible
11. Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic)
12. Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)

CD 13 The Early Years
1.Whatever I Want
2. When The Morning Comes
3. Say Goodbye
4. Looking Back
5. All Over Again
6. Honestly
7. Lovin’ Like 90
8. One Step At A Time
9. Staying Away
10. Last Time
11. One Of The Wounded
12. Right Time
13. You’re The One
14. Out Of Love
15. Lost In Yesterday
16. I Can Hear Them Now

CD 14 Bonus Tracks
1. Easier
2. If I’d Been Awake
3. World Gone To Pieces
4. Brighter Day
5. Remember
6. Anarchy
7. Why
8. Freedom
9. More Than You’ll Ever Know
10. Good Enough
11. Coming Down (Acoustic)

Harry Hess: vocals
Pete Lesperance: guitars
Mike Gionet, Barry Donaghy, Stan Miczek: bass
Darren Smith, Creighton Doane: drums