HANNES GROSSMANN Releases New Single

“In The Glacier’s Eye” – Premiering on Metal Sucks
New Studio Album ‘To Where The Light Retreats’ Out June 1
Acclaimed Tech-Metal drummer HANNES GROSSMANN is excited to share another track off his upcoming solo album. The musician has partnered with Metal Sucks to premiere his new single “In The Glacier’s Eye”.
Speaking exclusively with Metal Sucks about the new track, Hannes states, “This song is probably one of the catchiest songs I’ve written so far. Still, you can clearly hear my signature. Hence I’m stoked to share this new single from my upcoming album with you all.” Going on, he adds, “The new album features my most melodic, heaviest material so far. Compared to my previous releases, I focussed even more on straightforward songwriting than ever before.
“In The Glacier’s Eye” is off of Hannes’ new studio record, ‘To Where The Light Retreats’, which will be released independently on June 1, 2021. PRE-ORDER HERE
Hannes Grossmann is a drummer, writer, sound engineer, and music producer from Nuremberg, Germany. He made a name in the metal scene as drummer for the band NECROPHAGIST, playing on their groundbreaking album ‘Epitaph’. Hannes was also the drummer and main songwriter for German tech-death outfit OBSCURA, producing the genre-defining albums ‘Cosmogenesis’ (2009) and ‘Omnivium’ (2011). In 2011, Hannes became part of Blotted Science, feat. bandmates Alex Webster and Ron Jarzombek. The band released their critically acclaimed album ‘The Animation Of Entomology’, on which
they synchronized music with movie sequences.
In 2014, Hannes formed his own band ALKALOID feat. former and current members of Necrophagist, Obscura, Aborted, Dark Fortress, and Noneuclid. The band released two albums, which Hannes also recorded and mixed. Hannes also participated on Hate Eternal’s album ‘Upon Desolate Sands’, released in 2018. Hannes is also an active member of Swiss Extreme Metal legends TRIPTYKON. In 2019, the band released the orchestral live album ‘Requiem’ together with Metropole Orkest.
On his solo albums, Grossmann continues his work and writing style once started in OBSCURA. So far he has released the albums ‘The Radial Covenant’ (2014), ‘The Crypts Of Sleep’ (2016), ‘Apophenia’ (2019), and now the brand new album ‘To Where The Light Retreats’ (2021) independently.
Hannes does session work (live and studio) for many bands and artists in various styles, and is an active part of the drumming community, often playing at clinics and drum festivals (i.e., Meinl Drum Festival, Adams Drum Fest, among others). He also wrote the instruction book ‘Extreme Metal Drumming’, published by Hal Leonard Co. His instructional DVD ‘Creative Concepts For The Modern Metal Drummer’ is also considered a standard in the genre of metal drumming educational works. In addition to staying busy as a drummer, Hannes works in recording, mixing, and mastering at his own studio, MORDOR SOUNDS, where he produces not only his solo work, but also bands from all around the world.
HANNES Lineup:
Hannes Grossmann – Drums
Danny Tunker (Alkaloid, Aborted) – Guitars
Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Obsidious) – Bass
V.Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) – Vocals
HANNES Online:
Official Website: www.hannesgrossmann.com 
Mordor Sounds (Studio): www.mordorsounds.com