GWAR’s “Disc With No Name” Out Today! 

Unfiltered, uncouth and now unplugged, GWAR almost have us convinced with this acoustic EP that behind that four-dong udder there may just be a heart somewhere
 It’s so GWAR to have some beautiful harmonies meshed with horrendously vile lyrics 
-Metal Insider-
GWAR’s latest opus “Disc With No Name,” is out today on Pit Records. The band worked tirelessly on this acoustic masterpiece during last year’s “GWARantine,” and it is finally available for puny pathetic human ears. 
Blóthar the Berserker says “When Sleazy P. Martini suggested we do something “unplugged” I was confused. It took me forever to get it plugged in the first place. Turns out he wanted us to record a few GWAR tunes, stripped down to chords, harmony and emotion. Now that I understand what’s going on, I’m thrilled with the project. I was finally able to release my inner Joni Mitchell. I swallowed her years ago, and she’s been living in my belly ever since.”
More breaking GWAR news; the band’s new Ragnarök Rye is available in stores today.  
Stay tuned for more info from GWAR including updates on new music and fall touring plans.
“The Disc With No Name” Tracklisting:
Side A:
1.   Fuck This Place (Acoustic)
2.   Gonna Kill You (Acoustic)
Side B:
1.   I’ll Be Your Monster (Acoustic)
2.   The Road Behind (Acoustic)
GWAR Live:
9/18: Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest
11/13: Daytona, FL @ Welcome to Rockville 

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