GWAR Unveils New CBD Line “Bud of Gods” in Partnership with Consequence

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Human Scum! While you have been languishing at home, your Lords and Masters GWAR have been hard at work with the finest scientists and growers on Planet Earth to come up with their own line of mind-blowing CBD! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, your alien overlords have teamed up with the multimedia brand Consequence to bring you GWAR’s “Bud of Gods” so you too can go green with GWAR! 
After a day of enduring the hustle and bustle of the human condition, lift off to outer space with the “Bud of Gods” CBD. Inspired by your favorite interplanetary warriors, these dense green-violet buds with bright orange hairs offer a comforting sense of clarity to bring inner peace to your inner Scumdog.
GWAR’s “Bud of Gods” limited-edition CBD is now available for pre-order at, with shipments set to arrive just in time for 4/20 (April 20th). Among the initial products are a CBD Flower, available in a 3.5 gram jar or in a mylar bag (choice of 3.5 or 7 grams). Additionally, pre-rolls are available in single packs (1 gram) or three-packs (3 grams).
Lead singer Blóthar the Berserker has this to say: “GWAR has been tearing the universe a new one for literally eons. It’s not easy being an intergalactic warrior shaman, and the leader of the most insane shock rock band in history. I’ve found that after a long day of bloodthirsty battle, nothing soothes my mind like the ‘Bud of Gods’ CBD. It is the perfect sacrament with which to wind down from a white-hot berserker rage. Grab some today, and feel your petty human concerns melt away into the sweet nothingness you crave.”
Guitarist Pustulus Maximus adds, “‘Bud of Gods’ CBD is the perfect companion for job interviews, parole hearings, child births, and socially distanced funerals. Pusty sez, ‘It does a body good’!”
Fellow guitarist Balsac The Jaws of Death chimes in, “It’s the only thing I’ve found to sooth my ever present bloodlust!”
“Bud of Gods” CBD contains a descendant of the Sour Tsunami flower, a heritage that creates an Indica-favoring hybrid with a taste of tropical citrus and earthy undertones. As with all Consequence CBD products, “Bud of Gods” is sustainably grown, meticulously crafted, and purely processed to promote holistic health — mind, body, and soul.
“As the largest independently owned music and entertainment website, Consequence realizes and appreciates the unique challenges facing independent artists as a result of the pandemic,” says Consequence Media CEO Sajan Shiva. “Leveraging our own internal resources, we sought to create new revenue opportunities for artists currently stuck at home unable to tour, which will remain even as things return to normal. Today, Consequence is proud to be partnering with GWAR for our first artist-branded CBD and merchandise.”
GWAR fans can also rep “Bud of Gods” with a limited-edition capsule of accessories and apparel, including rolling papers, rolling tray, bud grinder, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.
Visit for a full range of products, and see the “Bud of Gods’ commercial starring GWAR.
Product Highlights:
Aroma: Tropical fruit, citrus, sherbert, earthiness; a little sweet, a little sour
Effects: Clarity, comforting, and physically easing
Type: Hybrid with gentle Indica lean
Strength: 17.67% CBD
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Bisabolol, Humulene, Ocimene, Nerolidol, Limonene, Terpinolene, and Linalool
Info on Consequence:
Consequence Media is anchored by the online publication Consequence (also known as Consequence of Sound) featuring news, editorials, and reviews, covering the worlds of music, movies, television and more. Established in 2007, Consequence is visited by more than 8.5 million unique visitors monthly and ranks among the most visited and engaged digital pop culture publications. Consequence is partnering with musicians to create exclusive CBD product lines. 
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Info on GWAR:
The story of GWAR is carved across the entire history of this barren and hopeless planet, but GWAR themselves are not of this world. Their story begins in the deepest reaches of outer space. Long ago, the beings who would become the rock band GWAR were part of an elite fighting force, the Scumdogs of the Universe. For eons, they served as thralls to a supreme being known only as the Master. But one by one, each future member of the band earned a glaring reputation for being an intergalactic screw-up. And so, they were banished, sent away on a fool’s errand to conquer planet Earth. Once here, GWAR shaped the face of the globe, destroying and rebuilding the natural world, and giving rise to all human history. For more information, visit
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