GVLLOW  Drops Official Music Video For “DIE BY YOUR HAND”

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Monday, February 14th, 2022 – Post-punk solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer, GVLLOW, has dropped brand new track, “Die By Your Hand”. Speaking on the song and its accompanying new video, GVLLOW shares
“This song was written about being in love with someone that ended up crushing my heart into a million pieces. As always, I write my music to be an outlet for my feelings and deal with them without hurting myself or the ones around me. I have become such a better version of myself since recording this song, but I wanted to capture the raw emotions of being vulnerable and facing the idea that it’s okay to feel, and it’s okay to be hurt, but it’s okay to dust yourself off and become the best version of yourself and grow from the pain.”
Watch the new music video here or by clicking the image below and stream here.
Gvllow - Die By Your Hand [Official Music Video]
WATCH: Official Music Video For “Die By Your Hand”
GVLLOW released his acclaimed ‘Spiritwalker’ EP in Spring of last year, the release saw his stylistic expansion into post-punk and 80s goth. Heavily influenced by by the likes of Drab Majesty, Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus, the transition began with highly acclaimed single “Last Dance” from his previous, eponymous full-length and continued through the first single from ‘Spiritwalker’ – “Fell In Love With A Ghost” and subsequent single, “Pray To God” which was written about the tragic passing of GVLLOW’s best friend and band mate, Zak Rodgers. To date, the EP has clocked up over 1 million streams, with the music videos hitting 456,000 YouTube views.
What The Press Are Saying
“A fascinating solo artist bringing together elements of goth, darkwave, punk and rap.”
– Kerrang!
“SoCal’s Gvllow…pulls elements of Eighties goth, post-punk and death-rock into his eerie, dance-floor-ready brand of heavy hip-hop.”
– Revolver
“truly a must-listen for anybody who values variety and intrigue in their playlists.”
– Alternative Press
“From gritty hip hop to cold dark wave, the emerging prospect goes beyond genre to assert an identity all his own.”
– Knotfest.com
About Gvllow
GVLLOW blends the sonic and visual aesthetics of punk, 80s goth, horror and trap to create a sound that is fresh, diverse and completely unique. Born and raised in Riverside, California, he grew up in the SoCal Punk scene. He started playing drums at age nine and would go to The Showcase Theatre in Corona every weekend to watch bands such as The Adicts, TSOL and Subhumans.
In 2015, he became involved in the bludgeoning underground rap scene, DJing for the likes of Ghostemane and Lil Peep in Schemaposse. Since then, he has gone on to perform as touring DJ for the likes of City Morgue, as well as release two solo albums; 2018’s “Waste Away” and “Gvllow” released in July this year, which features guest appearances from the likes of Travis Barker, Brennan Savage and Jack Grisham (TSOL) and has spawned singles “Fear”, “Johnny Cash” and “Last Dance”. Gvllow also released stand alone single “Pray To God” towards the end of last year, that dealt with the
To date, GVLLOW has clocked up over 18.2 million career streams on Spotify, 256,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and 1.4 million YouTube views.
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