Grove Street Share New Single “Ulterior Motives” Alongside “Tour Survival 101” Music Video

DEBUT ALBUM THE PATH TO RIGHTEOUSNESS OUT SEPTEMBER 29 VIA UNFDSouthampton hardcore/thrash quintet GROVE STREET have released “Ulterior Motives,” the latest taste from their debut album, The Path To Righteousness, out on September 29 through UNFD.

Watch the video here.

“‘Ulterior Motives’ is a song that goes through the motions of someone who is stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship with someone or something — be it a partner, friend or substance, or even a vice like gambling — and cannot find a way out. They keep getting pulled back into the situation at hand; they’re in love, addicted, and can’t see the impact of damage that’s being done to them, because they’ve got rose-tinted glasses on,” says guitarist Sandy.

He continues, “The second verse changes focus from the relationship/addiction itself to how people around that person turn a blind eye to what’s going on, because it’s easier for many to just play ignorant to issues than to call it out or address it, which in turn just enables the problem to manifest further.”

He also shares, “The outro finds the person coming to the realization that they’re better off out of the relationship/addiction, and in order to live a better life they gotta move on. Musically, this is one of our favorite tracks on the record; I feel like it captures our sound as a whole perfectly; from the bouncy, hip-hop-inspired grooves in the intro that lead into the thrash feel. The outro is personally my proudest part of the record, I remember writing that and being so surprised with myself — like ‘Where the fuck did that come from?'”

“The ‘Ulterior Motives’ video started life as a ‘Tour Survival Guide’ skit imagined by Sully (vocals). We were spitballing ideas in the van about all the trials and tribulations we’ve faced being in a touring band, reminiscing about all the previous funny ventures we’ve experienced together. Most of these skits are based on true stories, like the time our van got clamped in Slovenia and Joe (bass), using nothing but brute force, managed to rip it off. We hope that other bands can relate to our experiences, and it’ll also give people an insight into the touring lifestyle,” says drummer Josh.

Though their origins stem from lively nights in a Southampton student house, a laugh between mates sessioning PlayStation, bonding over shared love of hardcore, metal and skate punk, UK quintet Grove Street have evolved into a fixture and figurehead of a thriving domestic heavy underground. Through years of white van grind across UK and Europe, Grove Street have sharpened their craft into a deadly weapon, one they’re ready to draw. 

Taking influence from the giants of ’90s hardcore and metal, thrash, punk and hip hop in equal measure, the Grove Street sound is absolutely stacked with grooves, riffs, and the kind of energetic pace that’ll send you straight to the chiropractor. 

Their forthcoming debut album, The Path To Righteousness, comes on like the Beastie Boys with breakdowns, Pantera with prose, Grove Street peppering their fury with a fun spirit that’ll keep you grinning while riff onslaughts repeatedly thump you upside the head. But make no mistake — a joke band this ain’t, their lyrics showcasing an insightful pulse and social conscience, tackling topics from police brutality to battling inner demons, beasts without and within. 

“We’ve worked on this record for a long time,” recalls Sandy, who also produced and mixed the album at his home studio. “It was a labor of love, from its inception to the DIY approach we took with the recording and mixing. This being our debut full length, we knew we wanted to level up on every front, which led us to be meticulous with every detail on every part of every song. We couldn’t justify rushing it for the sake of feeding the machine. We’re extremely proud of it. Every track taps into a different part of what Grove Street is.”

Pre-order The Path To Righteousness here.

“Regressing Forward”
“Hunting Season”
Lessons of the Past
“Caught Slippin'”
The Path To Righteousness
“Ulterior Motives”
“Born II Lose”
“Sick & Tired”
“Cycle of Grief”

Sully — Vocals
Sandy — Guitar
Andy Harper — Guitar
Joe Paine — Bass
Josh Williams — Drums