GREYLOTUS Signs with The Artisan Era! Announce New Album ‘Dawnfall’ for July 8th

First Single Coming Next Week
Baltimore progressive tech-death metal quintet GREYLOTUS have announced that they’ve signed with The Artisan Era! The band is excited for what the future holds after forming this partnership with one of the preeminent, rising labels for Technical/Death Metal; first and foremost, the release of their debut full-length. Today, the band is pleased to share that their upcoming album, ‘Dawnfall’, will see a July 8, 2022 release via TAE.
Speaking on their signing with The Artisan Era, the band comments:
“All of us in Greylotus are thrilled to be working with The Artisan Era among so many of our good friends in music. The Artisan Era truly is spearheading the modern metal scene and every release is an incredible display of writing, ingenuity, and talent. We have put every ounce of our being into writing our debut full length and are excited and honored to have The Artisan Era helping us share it with the world.”
Speaking about their new album, the band comments:
‘Dawnfall’ serves as a follow-up statement to the ‘Savior’ EP, which dealt with thrusting inner demons borne of trauma and mental health struggles out into the open, and accepting the reality of existing with them.
In the metaphor of the lotus’ life-cycle, ‘Savior’ represented the stage in which the seed is buried under the mud – shelled in, unaware, and unable to budge from what it has known. ‘Dawnfall’ embodies the process of breaking out of the shell and traveling toward the sun’s light, reaching through murky waters and currents, struggling to separate True North from tricks of the refracted light. 
‘Dawnfall’ explores the self-doubt that accompanies the realization that healing is a non-linear process. It wanders through the pits of self-judgment and confronts what follows when an individual accepts that the best version of themselves is not constrained by perfection.
The first single from ‘Dawnfall’ will be released next week!
‘Dawnfall’ Tracklist:
1. Rectilinear Motion
2. Shadow Archetype
3. Currents
4. Chiaroscuro
5. Capgras Delusion
6. Syzygy
7. Hoarfrost
8. Dawnfall
9. Azure Rain
Album Artwork by Justin Abraham
All music engineered by Andrew “Drewsif” Reynolds
All music mixed and mastered by Odeholm Audio
Greylotus is a progressive technical death metal band from Baltimore, Maryland.
Combining influences from all edges of the modern metal frontier, Greylotus crafts various dynamic walls of sound, ranging from passages of blisteringly technical riffs and artillery-esque blast beats, to emotional and melodic harmonies and choruses, to soundscapes brimming with ambient, orchestral, acoustic, and synth elements. After establishing the foundation of their sound in the 2018 EP, ‘Savior’, they went to work writing for their debut full-length ‘Dawnfall,’ a genre-defying experience highlighting the wide array of influences each member brings to the table.
Greylotus serves to provide a narrative for self-development through metaphor following the lotus flower’s life cycle in their lyrics. They seek to leave memorable emotional postcards that listeners can connect with and reflect upon.
After getting their first taste of the road in 2019 alongside Abiotic, Cognitive, and God of Nothing, and playing the virtual Techabilitation Festival in 2020 amid the pandemic, Greylotus are raring to perform again at United Kingdom Tech-Fest 2022 and tours TBA.
FFO: Fallujah, Animals as Leaders, Lorna Shore, Beneath the Massacre, Abiotic, Wormhole
Lee Mintz – Vocals
Ben Towles – Guitar
Sanjay Kumar – Guitar
Drewsif Reynolds – Bass
Matt Tillett – Drums