GREYBUSH Partner with Metal Injection to Premiere Music Video for “Civil Unrest”

New EP ‘This Is Punishment’ Out Now!

Northern California death metal outfit GREYBUSH have partnered with Metal Injection to premiere the music video for their new single, “Civil Unrest”. The heavy-hitting track is the second song released from the band’s new EP ‘This Is Punishment’, which is out TODAY. Fans can check out the music video for “Civil Unrest” at the link here.

Speaking about their new single “Civil Unrest”, the band comments:

“The murder of George Floyd is part of a long history of police violence against black people. Racism and white supremacy culture must be torn out at the root. We’ve always had a bit of disdain against authority and seeing it abused in this way is awful. Writing a song is the only platform we have without being ostentatious. We stand with those fighting state-sanctioned violence and commit to being part of the solution.”


Listen To ‘This Is Punishment’ Here!

GREYBUSH – ‘This Is Punishment’ (Tracklist)

1. Civil Unrest

2. Out of Control Pt. 2: The Sequel (This Time It’s Personal)

3. Roadneck

4. Penny and a Dime

5. This is the Way

In support of the release for ‘This Is Punishment’, GREYBUSH is excited to play a special release show TONIGHT at Goldfield (Midtown) in Sacramento, CA. Tickets are available here.
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About Greybush:

Hailing from Northern California, Greybush brings a blend of crushing grooves accompanied by heavy riffing and nonstop abrasive drum work. After putting in work to create a strong foundation across the West Coast, the band is moving forward to continue solidifying their place in the Metal Community.

In 2020, Greybush released their first demo, titled Symbiotic, and have since prepared a new EP for 2022. The new EP, This Is Punishment showcases a more refined sound for the project, and is a prime example of heavy hardcore riffing blended with a variety of beatdown death metal drums. On top of that, a brash ‘in your face’ style vocal range ties it all together with the madness of the lyrical themes on each track.