GREEN LUNG Announce ‘Bandcamp Daily’ Livestream Performance on December 10th!

New LP ‘Black Harvest’ Out Now!
UK-based heavy metal outfit GREEN LUNG continue to garner acclaim from the release of their new studio album, ‘Black Harvest’. Today, the band is excited to share that they will be hosted as guests for the ongoing performance series ‘Bandcamp Daily Presents’ this Friday (Dec. 10th) @ 1pm PST. The upcoming livestream will feature a full performance from the band (recorded in their practice space at Unwound Studios), followed by an interview with Bandcamp Daily editor Zoe Camp. Tickets for the livestream are available now at the link found here.
For more details, visit the announcement page on Bandcamp Daily.
‘Black Harvest’ is out now via Svart Records.
About the new LP from GREEN LUNG, ‘Black Harvest’:
Picking up where the self-released Woodland Rites left off, on Black Harvest, GREEN LUNG continues to draw inspiration from Britain’s rich history of folklore, from witchcraft, and from cultish horror films. Nature – as always – is woven into the fabric of the songs; this time around the album was recorded in late autumn, and the seasonal atmosphere seeped into the music, which is redolent of mists, falling leaves, and the crumbling glory of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries of London, the city the band calls home.
Black Harvest Tracklist:
1. The Harrowing 
2. Old Gods
3. Leaders of the Blind
4. Upon the Altar
5. Graveyard Sun
6. Black Harvest
7. You Bear the Mark
8. Reaper’s Scythe
9. Doomsayer 
10. Born to a Dying World