Frontiers Announces The Signing Of Her Chariot Awaits Featuring Ailyn & Mike Orlando

Debut Album Out Early 2020
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of Her Chariot Awaits, a new band project featuring the artistic union between the awesome American guitarist and producer Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) and highly regarded ex-Sirenia singer Ailyn on lead vocals. The band is currently wrapping up their debut album for release in early 2020. 
This exciting new musical alliance came about through the vision of Frontiers, which put the two artists – each eager to create a new and exciting musical project – in touch with one another. The pair gelled very well, as listeners will be able to hear upon the album’s release. Ailyn, especially, is excited to be able to explore new and very muscular, but still melodic, musical landscapes.
The resulting album, which will see the light of day in the first part of 2020, offers up songs that will excite all lovers of technical, aggressive and extremely catchy heavy metal music. Melting the well defined metal approach of Adrenaline Mob with more melodic hooks, Her Chariot Awaits showcases the incredible vocal talents of Ailyn. Here, she moves in a heavier and more straight ahead territory compared to her previous band, Sirenia.
Ailyn says, “After a two year break from the scene, I am pleased to announce my new collaboration with Mike Orlando on Her Chariot Awaits. I’m very honoured and thankful to be part of it. I’m looking forward for everyone to learn about this new adventure, which allowed me to experiment and explore a new side on my singing, working together with a great musician. Her Chariot Awaits is a new step forward on my music career and I can’t wait to share the beginning of this journey with all of you.”
Mike Orlando says, “It was a pleasure to write and perform an album with a singer like Ailyn with music that is geared more towards the commercial side of rock. Ailyn has a beautiful voice and was great to work with in and out of the studio, as was as Jeff Thal on drums! I’m very happy with how the album is coming out. It’s a great collection of hard hitting yet melodic commercial rock tracks, which I hope you all enjoy.”
The resulting album is going to leave people breathless and marks an amazing union of two great artists who still have a lot to prove – stay tuned!
Be sure to follow the band on their newly launch Facebook page here:
Mike Orlando – Guitars, Bass, & Additional Vocals
Ailyn – Lead Vocals 
Jeff Thal – Drums
Brian Gearty – Bass