FRIENDSHIP X KUROKUMA Special Streaming Event To Take Place This Wednesday

Tune In Wednesday 3/25 at 22:00GMT / 5PMEST HERE.
Due to the cancellation of FRIENDSHIP and KUROKUMA‘s UK tour due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the two bands will be hosting a very special streamed performance this Wednesday Mar 25th at 22:00 GMT. The time has been decided as a reasonable meeting point to view the stream from different time zones.
Each band will be streaming a set in their own practice rooms – FRIENDSHIP from Tokyo, Japan, and KUROKUMA from Sheffield, United Kingdom. Due to health and safety concerns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, every effort will be taken to ensure that each band comes into contact with as few bodies as possible with strict hygiene procedures set in place. This stream will fall on the night of the planned last date of the tour. Expect to hear sickening grinding hardcore and pummeling psychedelic sludge spanning continents.
Friendship (JP) Kurokuma (UK) live studio sets 


The cancellation of the tour has led to both bands losing approximately over £4k in flight cancellations and lost revenue. A GoFundMe donation link has been set up to help the bands recoup their losses and hopefully reschedule the tour later. Donations can be made via GoFundMe HERE.
FRIENDSHIP was due to tour their most recent album Undercurrent – released through Southern Lord and Daymare last year – with seven UK dates confirmed with KUROKUMA, whose latest split 7″ was released through Astral Noize Records last year.
Stand by for additional updates over the months ahead.
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