French Nu-Metal Duo ELYOSE Announce New Album ‘Déviante’ Out Today!

Listen HERE

Watch The Music Video for “Vendredi noir” HERE

ELYOSE are thrilled to release their new album, ‘Déviante’, which is out worldwide TODAY!

A nu-metal band hailing from France, Elyose is a collaboration between guitarist/producer Anthony Chognard (ex-Smash Hit Combo) and vocalist Justine Daaé (The Erinyes).

Anthony’s vivid songwriting and Justine’s ethereal, feminine vocals in her native French result in a sound that’s punchy, modern, and emotional.

‘Déviante’ is the band’s fourth studio full-length, and can be found on all major streaming platforms HERE


The physical version (CD) can be purchased via the band’s shop HERE

To celebrate the release of ‘Déviante’, Elyose have dropped a new music video for the song “Vendredi noir”. See below!

LISTEN TO ‘Déviante’

‘Déviante’ Track List:

1. Ils t’ont dit

2. Le glaive

3. Vendredi noir

4. L’emblème

5. Retour au réel

6. Humaine

7. Déviante

8. L’assemblée (feat. Cocozher)

9. De la lune à la terre

10. Retour au réel (Radio Mix)

Watch the video for “Retour au réel”

Watch the video for “L’Assemblée”

(feat. Cocozher)


Justine Daaé – Vocals

Anthony Chognard – Guitar, Production

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