Fractal Universe: launches new video for “Rising Oblivion”



Photo credit: Vilvain Pictures

Earlier this year, Fractal Universe released their new record, Rhizomes of Insanity, via Metal Blade Records, and toured across Europe in support of it. During their show at Place du Luxembourg (Thionville, France), the band also filmed a video for the album track, “Rising Oblivion”, which can be viewed here:

Fans can watch Fractal Universe‘s previously released videos at:

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Rhizomes of Insanity hits as hard intellectually as it does sonically, affirming the French quartet’s place on the progressive death metal map. “‘Rhizomes of Insanity‘ is a concept album based on a thought experiment around the concept of insanity,” asserts vocalist/guitarist Vince Wilquin. “It questions the origins of it, and tries to define where we set its boundaries with ‘reason’. It eventually questions its place in our modern society and surmises that it has turned into an intrinsic, unavoidable but also necessary part of it and of every human being, which we’re trying to repress at all costs.” From start to finish, the album is an immersive, complex yet wholly accessible collection rich in melody, invention, and packed with decimating riffs – wielding ten tracks, all of which hit their mark.

Fractal Universe tour dates:
July 6 – Limoges, France – CCO John Lehnnon – w/ Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death
July 27 – Distroff, France – Met’ Farm Festival
Aug. 18 – Colmar, France – Spirit in Black Ⅲ Bonfire Festival
Sept. 21 – Freyming, France – MetalEast Evening w/ Destinity, Deficiency
Nov. 30 – Audincourt, France – Le Moloco w/ Klone, Betraying the Martyrs

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