FLYING CUPID Premieres New Single

“‘Afterlife’ is about finding the meaning of life and death while being in an altered state of consciousness. The lyrics of the song also emphasizes further about the realization that the paradigm of heaven and hell doesn’t exist, only deep restful sleep until the end of time. In terms of the musical influences, we stuck to our modern metal core zone while experimenting with synthesizers to create a lush soundscape as the canvas.” – Abhiruk Patowary, Flying Cupid

“If you miss the days of bands like Periphery and Tesseract just starting to come up, then you’re going to love this.” – Greg Kennelty, Metal Injection

Check out “Afterlife” at Metal Injection here:

Flying Cupid – Afterlife (Lyric Video) – YouTube

“Afterlife” single is available today via:

Flying Cupid “Afterlife”

Abhiruk Patowary : Guitars, composition and production

Aditya Paul : Vocals, Mix & Master and Production

Nishant Hagjer : Drums

All tracking and production done in Abstract Reality Studios

Video by Abhiruk Patowary at Abstract Reality Productions



Flying Cupid is the solo project of Indian born 22 year old Abhiruk Patowary. It is a metal-core themed project with djent influences. Abhiruk Patowary is a self taught multi instrumentalist, ex-Berklee College of Music student and producer who has been playing piano for 14 years, guitar and bass for 8 years and drums for 10 years.