FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY- “Oh What the Future Holds” (Album review)

New Jersey deathcore band, Fit For An Autopsy (Joseph Badolato- vocals, Patrick Sheridan- guitar, Timothy Howley-guitar, Will Putney-guitar, Peter Blue Spinazola-bass, and Josean Orta Martinez-drums) have released their sixth full-length album, “Oh What the Future Holds” on January 14 through Nuclear Blast Records.  With each new album, the band goes on to push the boundaries further than before. While many metal bands tread the water of mediocrity, Fit For An Autopsy continue to mature and expand their musical prowess. 

The album starts out like no other Fit For An Autopsy album has started out before- with a beautiful, yet eerie piano intro.  The title track, “Oh What the Future Holds” takes the listener on an aural journey of uncertainty until the guitars and drums enter in lightly. The tension builds until the 1:30 mark and Badolato’s vocals emerge like a demon from the abyss. Soon, the song transitions to all its deathcore glory.   Next is “Pandora,” a single released October 29, 2021.  It’s a solid song with raw vocals and a killer guitar solo by Patrick Sheridan. The official music video lives up to the band’s name and it’s not for the faint of heart- if you don’t think you could handle seeing a corpse and an organ, don’t watch. 

The first single to be released, “Far From Heaven,” came out September 24 and if I didn’t know better when hearing the song’s intro, I would’ve thought it was Gojira.  Badolato screams out the first verse and ends it with “It burns until the sky turns black!” which is then followed by some killer riffs that are sure to get you headbanging.  The official music video has nearly 400,000 views on Youtube.  “In Shadows,” which was released as a single on December 3, speeds up the tempo even more, and mixes clean vocals throughout. The ending of this song is one of my favorite parts of this album- Badolato lets out an extremely long and vicious howl that will send shivers down your spine. 

The latest single from the band was “Two Towers” and it was released just last week on January 6. It features a very creative intro- with Spinazola’s bass in the spotlight. Much like, “In Shadows,” this single also blends clean vocals throughout the song and has some of the best riffs on the album.  “Two Towers” is quite different from anything the band has done before and I think it might be my favorite Fit For An Autopsy song of all time. The rest of the album does not disappoint.  “A Higher Level of Hate” is introduced with tribal drumming- a feature that is not only limited to the intro either, they can be heard again later in the song. Max Cavalera would be proud.  “Savages” is an onslaught of heavy riffs and malicious lyrics.  It also has a killer breakdown toward the end.  The album ends with “The Man That I Was Not,” which is another favorite of mine.  This nearly seven-minute song takes the listener through a journey of sludge and doom. 

I know it sounds cliche, but this is Fit For An Autopsy’s best work.  This is not a generic, run-of-the-mill deathcore album. “Oh What the Future Holds” is creative and original while still maintaining the heavy and brutal sound the band is known for.  If this album is a taste of what the future holds for the band, we are all going to be waiting for more.