FINNEGAN’S HELL Release Their New Dystopian Holiday Single “Happy Christmas”

Celtic punk rockers Finnegan’s Hell shine a light on the dark side of Christmas with their new single and music video, “Happy Christmas”. The new track aims at broadening the general perception of the holiday; which, for a lot of people, can be an absolute nightmare.
The second-best Christmas song ever written? In any case, “Happy Christmas” by Finnegan’s Hell qualifies as the second-best Christmas song coming from a Celtic punk band.
“’Happy Christmas’ contains enough social realism to make you reach for the bottle once the song is over”, says lead singer Pabs Finnegan. His haunting whiskey voice takes the listener through three shades of black in a song that depicts anything but a happy Christmas.
Finnegan's Hell - Happy Christmas (Music Video)
FINNEGAN’S HELL – “Happy Christmas” (Official Video)
The music video for “Happy Christmas”, which features the demolition of an entire apartment, was directed by Michael Ek. The images perfectly match the dystopian lyrics of the song. The cost of the damages makes this new video the most expensive one ever released by the band.