FEUERSCHWANZ Sign Worldwide Deal With Napalm Records! 

Welcome to the family! FEUERSCHWANZ have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records! 
FEUERSCHWANZ about the new collaboration with Napalm Records: 
”After many successful years with our old company Fame Recordings, we look forward to working with our new label Napalm Records! After all, we had many offers on the table and the agony of choice, but Napalm had the best arguments in the end. As one of the world’s most important and biggest metal labels, Napalm Records is the right partner to bring the cult of the Methämmer to even greater glory in the coming years and to convert hosts of new disciples. Take the hammer to power!”
Nadir Amrioui / Napalm Records adds:
”Met(al) heads keep watching: FEUERSCHWANZand NAPALM have joined forces. We’re so proud that the captain and his bunch have chosen us. Anno 2020 will be the year of the Methammers with (crazy) witty-sophisticated lyrics and addictive melodies … Promise!”
12.12.19 DE – Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
13.12.19 DE – München / Backstage München
14.12.19 CH – Pratteln / Konzertfabrik Z7 
19.12.19 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle – Hamburg
21.12.19 DE – Köln / Carlswerk Victoria
20.12.19 DE – Berlin / Columbia Theater
27.12.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
28.12.19 DE – Nürnberg / Löwensaal
Hauptmann Feuerschwanz
Johanna von der Vögelweide
Sir Lanzeflott
Felix Taugenix
Prinz Hodenherz
Hans der Aufrechte
Mieze Musch-Musch, Mieze Myu, Mieze Mara